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How To Prepare Your Appliances For Moving

How To Prepare Your Appliances For Moving

Moving appliances has to be undertaken with extra caution, as these items are often heavy yet fragile. Some appliances, such as stoves and fridges, have sections made of glass that require careful packing and/or lifting. All of the appliances you take with you will involve water or organic matter that needs to be cleaned and dried before being moved or going into storage, as any residual moisture or food residue can easily become mold or mildew. Most importantly, these appliances need to be properly disconnected and all parts of the appliance, no matter how small, must come with it when it gets moved. Make sure to give yourself lots of time to get these appliances ready and consult the manual as needed.

Appliance Preparation Before Moving

Fridge And Deep Freeze. Before you can start cleaning the fridge you need to take everything out. You’ll want to unplug your fridge 24 hours before the move, but if you have a freezer attached to the fridge or if you have a deep freeze, you may want to unplug it even earlier so that it has time to thaw. If your freezer/deep freeze has a large buildup of ice, try to break or scrape off what you can so that water doesn’t pool at the bottom of the appliance. Wipe the interior and exterior of the fridge with a mild detergent, making sure to clean any organic matter so that it does not rot or stain if the fridge is going into storage. Dry your fridge with a towel and open the door to air it out until it’s completely dry inside. If your fridge has glass shelves, remove them and pack them separately, but if the shelves are plastic you can either remove them or secure them in place in the fridge. If your fridge has an ice maker, disconnect the waterline and drain the water from the reservoir. Bolt down your fridge motor, if necessary. After you’ve prepared your fridge and deep freeze, shut the door and tape it closed. Once at your new home, you should wait for about 24 hours to turn your fridge on if it was in storage, and if it was transported on its side, you should wait the same amount of time as it took to transport the fridge before you turn it on. This wait time is to ensure that all of the oil from the compressor is not in the coolant lines, and if there is not adequate wait time, the fridge may be damaged.

Stove. If your oven has a self-cleaning mode, you can use this feature, but do it in advance as the cleaning mode takes a long time and the oven will need to be completely cooled before you can clean or pack it. Once the oven is cool, you should clean the oven and stove both inside and out to remove any oils or organic matter. Remove the racks and pack them separately. If it’s a gas stove, make sure someone who knows how to disconnect the gas line, whether that’s you or a qualified professional, shuts the gas off and then disconnects the line. Tape down the knobs, elements, and oven door so that nothing comes loose or is lost during the move.

Dishwasher. You can easily clean the dishwasher by running some hot water and detergent through it. Disconnect the hoses and let the dishwasher dry by leaving the door open for at least a day before the move. Take out the utensil holder and any other pieces that detach. Wrap the dry hoses in towels and either pack them in the dishwasher or pack them separately. Tape the dishwasher door shut.

Washer And Dryer. To clean your washer before moving, simply put in some detergent and either run a cycle like usual or use a self-cleaning setting if you have it. Leave the door open for at least a day to let the machine completely dry. Turn off the power to your machines by using your home’s breaker box and then unplug your washer and dryer. You’ll want to wind the cord so it’s manageable and then tape it to the side or back of the washer or dryer. Next, you’ll need to disconnect the water. Shut off the water supply to the washer by switching off the valves at the back of the machine. You’ll likely want a bucket ready for when you detach the hoses, as there will be excess water in the hoses that needs to be drained. Once your bucket is in place, detach the hot and cold water supply hoses one at a time (you may have to use a wrench or slip-joint pliers to do this), drain the water, and disconnect the empty hoses. Tape the doors shut. Most washers and dryers come with an owner's manual detailing instructions for packing your washer and dryer.

Use Professional Movers For Your Appliances

If you’re moving heavy items such as large appliances, you can easily hurt yourself or damage the appliances. To avoid either of these, have your large appliances moved by professional residential movers. Precision Movers offers moving services within Calgary and across the Western provinces and can move all of your possessions, including appliances. With over 3 decades of experience, the professional movers at Precision Movers can guarantee safe lifting, efficient moving, and secure storing of appliances during transportation. Professional movers have both the experience and equipment to properly and safely move all of your possessions. To get a free estimate from Precision Movers, call 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Can residential movers assemble my furniture?
A: Yes, at Precision Movers Ltd, we can both disassemble and assemble furniture for either local or long-distance moves.

Q: Can precision movers transport my appliances to a storage facility?
A: Yes we can. Our movers can help you move your appliances into a new home or a storage unit.

Q: Can a professional moving company transport my safe?
A: Yes, we can! Precision Movers’ professional safe relocation services ensure that your safe is carefully transported and set up in your new home.

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