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Tips For Winter Moving

Tips For Winter Moving

Winter in Canada means beautiful snow-covered mountains and ice skating, but it also means slippery grounds and cold winds. While Canadians are used to bearing the cold and snow, it doesn’t make moving in the winter easy. Winter weather means that the people moving will be cold as they frequently go in and outside, they might slip on the snow or ice, their boots will track in snow and dirt, and the open doors will make the house cold. While all of this will be worth it when you’re finally settled into your new home, it makes moving difficult in the meantime. To mitigate these issues, follow the tips below to keep your winter move as safe and comfortable as possible.

8 Tips For Winter Moving

1. Check The Weather. Your moving date will likely be picked long before the weather forecast is determined, but if there is an incoming winter storm or a sudden cold snap, contact your movers or anyone helping you and try to arrange an alternate date. Even though you’re looking forward to the move, you don’t want the moving trucks to get stuck on snowy roads. Even if a winter storm doesn’t blow in, you should still be checking the weather to see what winter gear you’ll need to be wearing come the day of the move versus what you can pack away (although we recommend keeping some warm winter clothes and blankets easily accessible just in case).

2. Protect The Floors. During moving, people will be coming in and out of your house while wearing their outdoor footwear. Snow and mud will be making their way into the home so protect your floors by covering them with floor mats or a plastic tarp. Doormats to wipe boots off upon entry can also help keep dirt off of your floors.

3. Turn The Heat Off. The door is going to be open for a long time while people go in and out. As much as we all love a warm cozy home, there is no way to keep in the heat in this circumstance. Instead of overworking your furnace and paying for heat that will immediately go out the door, turn it off until moving is done. Keep a few warm spots in the house by placing space heaters in areas where doors are closed. While this won’t do much in rooms that aren’t used, like laundry rooms, it will be a great comfort in the bathroom.

4. Utilities In The New Home. Although it may be futile to have the heat on during the move, test it to make sure it works. Moving into a new home in the middle of winter and not having heat will not only be uncomfortable, but it can be expensive, as it can lead to pipes bursting.

5. Shovel Sidewalks. And your driveway and street, for that matter. Any area where movers will be walking should be shovelled and de-iced so that no one slips and hurts either themselves or your possessions.

6. Pack And Handle Everything With Care. Items become extra brittle and breakable when they are cold. This applies to your already delicate items like porcelain and glass, but it also applies to your electronics. Make sure to pack these items with extra protection and try to keep your electronics in the cab of a vehicle so they stay warm.

7. Protect the Pets. During moving, the doors will be open, the house will be cold, there will be confusion and noise, and your pets will have an all-around stressful day. To help your pets feel calm and warm and to keep them indoors, try to have them out of the house during the move. If you can find a daycare, a kennel, or maybe a family member that can take the pets for the day, you will save yourself and your furry babies a lot of stress.

8. Hire Professional Movers. Nothing makes moving as quick and simple as hiring professional residential movers. When you hire a moving company, you can rest assured that your possessions are all being treated properly and that your movers know how to operate in winter conditions.

Professional Moving Services With Precision Movers

Moving in winter can add challenges to the already stressful ordeal of moving. Hiring professional movers can help you manage complications brought on by the cold. Whether you are moving from one location in Calgary to another or if you are moving across the Western provinces, Precision Movers can make your move simple and stress-free. Our professional and friendly residential movers are committed to helping your move go smoothly every step of the way. To hire the experienced professional movers at Precision Movers, either call 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How much does a moving quote cost?
A: At Precision Movers, we offer free, no-obligation quotes! Contact us to receive a quote.

Q: What is the best packing material for moving fragile items?
A: To avoid the headache of broken items you have two options: hire our professional Calgary office packers or learn to do it properly yourself. Although the are differing opinions on what is the ‘best’ packing material, here are some facts that will help you choose the best option for your fragile items:

  • Newspapers are a classic, smart (and free!) packing option for filling in empty space between belongings. Be sure that you are not using newspaper on something that can be stained with ink.
  • Bubble wrap is great for wrapping breakables and can be easily held in place with masking tape.
  • Packing peanuts are great to fill up entire boxes and nestle multiple items.
  • If any boxes were saved from larger electronics such as photocopies or printers, repackage those in their original boxes.

Q: How long might winter moving take?
A: The time it takes to move will depend on your moving circumstances. If you are in a rush, you can move in a matter of a few days to a few weeks. However, it normally takes 6-8 weeks to go through belongings, pack, and transport to your new location. If you’re moving in the winter, make sure to account for some extra transportation time as inclement weather can require drivers of large vehicles to go slow and dangerous road conditions may change available routes.

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