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Piano Moving: Should I Do It Myself?

Piano Moving: Should I Do It Myself?

Simply put, no, you should not move a piano by yourself. It may be tempting to want to move your own furniture, but pianos are incredibly heavy, delicate, and expensive, and any mistakes made while transporting a piano can cause physical damage to either the instrument or anyone moving it. Moving a piano is not like moving other pieces of furniture, and it needs to be done with extra caution, specialty equipment, lots of forethought, and experienced movers. Whether you are considering moving a piano by yourself or hiring professional movers, be aware of the precautions taken to properly and safely move a piano.

What You Need To Safely Move A Piano

Equipment. Pianos are very large and extremely heavy. Trying to move a piano without the right equipment can be very dangerous, as you don’t want the piano to fall and injure someone nor do you want anyone moving the piano to throw out their backs or be otherwise hurt. Secure strapping and proper moving dollies can help transport pianos. For upright pianos, a special board with wheels called a piano dolly is used. For grand pianos, a specialty board called a piano board or a piano skid board is needed, as well as strapping to keep the piano in place.

Protection Of The Piano. Moving blankets and moving pads are typically wrapped around the piano to avoid any scratches or impact. Once loaded into the moving truck, the piano needs to be tightly secured in place and if the trip is long, it should be in a climate-controlled environment. Keeping the piano as still as possible during the trip will help keep parts of the piano from moving and losing tuning and the climate control will keep the humidity at a reasonable level so that the piano does not get out of tune or crack.

Measure Everything Beforehand. If you’re going to be moving a piano, you need to know it is able to fit into a space. Before you move anything or even book a moving truck, measure the piano. This will help you rent the correct sized truck that will actually fit a piano. You’ll also want to measure the new space the piano will be moving to and any doorways the piano needs to get through. Pre-measuring will help you avoid getting stuck in a doorway with such a heavy and delicate item. You’ll also want to check your new space for any staircases and whether they are enclosed or have sharp turns that may prevent the piano from entering the space.

Experience. The people who know how to safely move a piano are those who have been trained and who have done it repeatedly. Different types of pianos will have to be oriented differently and pieces, such as the legs and pedals, will need to be detached and reattached. Those who have moved pianos before will have the forethought for these and other precautions.

Hire Expert Piano Movers From Precision Movers

If you have a piano you want moved, it is safest to have it done by a professional piano mover. Professional movers will keep your piano undamaged while in transit and while getting it in and out of the moving locations. Hiring professional movers can also save you from personal injury and can help you save costs from renting moving equipment and potential damages to the piano. To have your piano safely and professionally moved, call the experts at Precision Movers in Calgary. Whether you’re moving from one area of Calgary to another or you’re moving across Western provinces, Precision Movers can offer moving services for the safe delivery of your piano in a timely manner. To get a quote for your move, call 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What types of pianos can I have moved?
A: Whether you have an upright, a baby grand, a grand, an organ, or another type, Precision Movers offers moving services for all types of pianos.

Q: Can I get a piano moved to the second floor?
A: Yes, depending on the size of the stairwell, Precision Movers can bring a piano upstairs. Piano movers will typically use a series of dollies and planks to get the piano up the stairs, but this should only be attempted by professionals. Do not try to take a piano upstairs yourself.

Q: How much do pianos weigh?
A: A piano weighs hundreds of pounds, with some grand options weighing in at over 1000 lbs. Whether it’s in your home or business, hiring the right commercial or residential moving company to safely move your piano is always the best bet.

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