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Precision Movers LTD - Blog - Piano Moving Should I Do It Myself
  • Mar 04, 2022
  • Rick

Piano Moving: Should I Do It Myself?

What You Need To Safely Move A Piano Equipment. Pianos are very large and extremely heavy. Trying to move a piano without the right equipment can be very dangerous, as you don’t want the piano to fall and injure someone nor do you want anyone. . .

Precision Movers LTD - Blog -Important Considerations After Having Your Piano Moved
  • Feb 18, 2022
  • Rick

Important Considerations After Having Your Piano Moved

Ways That A Piano May Become Out Of Tune During Moving Acclimation. When a piano is moved, it needs time to acclimate to its new surroundings. Getting your piano tuned shortly after moving will not yield long-lasting results, as the materials of. . .

Fact Or Fiction: Common Piano Moving Myths | Calgary Moving Company
  • Dec 03, 2021
  • Rick

Fact Or Fiction: Common Piano Moving Myths

You don’t want to damage your piano or yourself while attempting to move it. Here are the facts about moving a piano and why piano movers are so important. The Truth About Moving Pianos Myth: Any Movers Can Move A Piano.   Reality:. . .

Precision Movers LTD - Blog - Things to Consider When Hiring a Piano Moving Company
  • Nov 04, 2021
  • Rick

Things to Consider When Hiring a Piano Moving Company

Tips for Hiring the Best Piano Movers Tip #1: Give them all the applicable information. It is important that your moving company understands the type of piano, the current location of the piano, and where you plan to move it to. Some other info. . .

Precision Movers - Piano Moving Company
  • May 18, 2021
  • Rick

Professional Piano Movers Calgary

If you own a piano and intend to move, you need to find a way to transport it safely.   Do not hire amateurs. Instead, enlist professionals who have the requisite skills and knowledge in moving these large and precious instruments. Hiring a. . .

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  • Aug 13, 2020
  • Rick

How to Safely Move a Piano

Need to move a piano? Wondering how you can do it safely? Our Calgary moving company that specializes in piano moving has you covered with the below article.   Moving a piano is a perilous task. These extremely sensitive instruments are very. . .

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