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Professional Piano Movers Calgary

If you own a piano and intend to move, you need to find a way to transport it safely. 

Do not hire amateurs. Instead, enlist professionals who have the requisite skills and knowledge in moving these large and precious instruments. Hiring a professional piano mover ensures that the job will be done right at a price that won't break the bank. 

This post will discuss why hiring a logistics company, like Precision Movers Ltd., to transport your piano is the right move. Professional piano movers make the process easy for you because of the extra precautions we take, the experience we have, and the equipment we wield to navigate your valuables around tight areas of the home or workplace. Continue reading below to learn why these services are a worthwhile investment that protects your piano. 


You can trust Precision Movers to handle your piano with care.

Hiring a professional piano mover can be very beneficial if you want to protect your piano. However, it is important to find experienced and skillful movers so that you can be sure that your piano is getting transported safely. To protect your instrument, hiring a professional is the only option.

If you need to move a piano, you have come to the right place. Precision Movers has made it easy to find, hire and schedule local piano movers at your convenience. Call us at 403-540-4393 or book an appointment online today.


Protecting your Piano With Professional Movers

Hire a mover who specializes in pianos

Piano movers specialize in moving pianos. Most of the appliance and furniture moving companies out there will not move your piano carefully; do not be surprised if an appliance-moving company breaks or damages your instrument in the process. Piano moving companies are equipped with special hand tools designed for its weight and keep it protected during transit.

The best piano movers are equipped with sophisticated moving equipment

Precision Movers is a piano moving company that cares about the tools of its trade. We have used innovative solutions on projects with some of the world’s most valuable pianos, organs, and large musical instruments. Our investment in specialty equipment allows us to have one of the best moving systems to transport things back and forth safely.

For example, using a four-wheel piano moving dolly can avoid damage to the piano or to surrounding surfaces while you are moving it from one place to another. Another example is the type of gloves that each piano mover wears that maximizes grip strength while minimizing fingerprints and streaking on the surface of the piano. Lastly, the specialized equipment used to move a piano properly also extends into the back of the moving truck. The bed of the truck is lined with protective cushions that prevent anything from bumping into it while in transit and, the instrument is also tied down with soft but secure straps so it doesn’t roll freely in the back of the truck while driving. 

Moving pianos can be dangerous if you hire an amateur

How to safely transport your piano from A to B without damaging any property should be your primary concern when you plan to move it. However, this process can be dangerous to your health or the wellbeing of the mover if they don’t know what they’re doing. Someone can get stuck under a falling piano, or it can fall down stairs if they aren’t careful. 

Only a company specialized in moving pianos have the technique and machinery to ensure that the piano doesn’t sustain any damage during the moving process and that the movers don't hurt themselves.

Work with a mover who understands and appreciates the detail of pianos

Pianos are delicate pieces that require careful handling during transportation. Knowing how pianos are built, where their soft spots are, as well as being familiar with their weight, are examples of the type of knowledge that a professional piano mover brings to the table. This is an obvious but overlooked benefit for hiring a professional compared to hiring a layperson. The unspecialized mover lacks an appreciation for the intricate details of the piano and may not treat it with the same care while in transit. Closing the top carefully, ensuring the pedals don’t get caught, or keeping excess pressure off of the keys of the piano are examples of the little things that don’t get taught and are only ever grasped after years of practice.

If you need the best piano movers in Calgary, call us first for a quote today!

Finding a professional piano mover in Calgary can take forever. It requires plenty of experience and attention to detail to transport a piano without damaging anything, so make sure you find the right mover. 

If you need to move your piano to a new home, Precision Movers Calgary’s piano movers to contact. Years of experience make us the most dependable and the best value for this process. Call us at 403-540-4393 to schedule your moving day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it risky to move a piano by yourself?
A: Yes, the piano can be damaged if you do not have the proper technique or equipment to move it. Surrounding surfaces, walls, furniture, and doors can also be damaged when moving a piano, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Worst of all, you could badly injure yourself if you’re not careful. 

Instead, please seek the help of a professional piano mover like Precision Movers Ltd.

Q: Can I move my piano in the back of my truck or moving van?
A: Pianos are beautiful but delicate instruments that can be ruined by inadvertent movement in the cargo area of a moving vehicle. Do not attempt to move the piano with your own vehicle; call a professional mover to do the work on your behalf. They can proof the cargo area storing the piano, securing it for transit.  

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