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Things to Consider When Hiring a Piano Moving Company

Things to Consider When Hiring a Piano Moving Company

For many people, their piano is a valuable, treasured possession. And when it is time to relocate, moving a piano is no simple task. As with any such  priceless and precious belonging, you want to ensure that it will be moved safely and sensibly with the utmost care. Here is a list of 5 very important considerations to ensure that you partner with the most competent and capable moving company. 

(Before we even start, here is a bonus tip… Tip #6 don’t let just anyone move your piano! Be sure to hire a company that specializes in piano moving to ensure your beloved instrument is the most trustworthy and capable hands). Read on for the other 5 important notes.

Tips for Hiring the Best Piano Movers

Tip #1: Give them all the applicable information. It is important that your moving company understands the type of piano, the current location of the piano, and where you plan to move it to. Some other info to provide that is very important are factors like whether it will need to go up or down stairs, what doorways and corners will need to be navigated, and whether the current or destination locations have hills or slopes. A professional residential moving company will have a lot of experience and the right tools to get the job done, but providing as much detailed information as possible will help them make the smartest most effective plan to move your piano.

Tip #2: Ask for insurance. Your piano is a valuable investment and you want to ensure you are working with a company who understands that. Any expert and reliable piano moving company will have proof of  liability insurance. If you have homeowners, or renters insurance, check with them beforehand to see if your piano is covered during the move.

Tip #3: Ask for details. Does the moving company provide blankets and other packing materials? Do they only provide transportation services, or will they make sure the piano is positioned perfectly at the new location? Do they have the tools, straps and dollys necessary for a safe, efficient and stress free piano move? The more information you get in advance will help you know that you have chosen the right movers.

Tip #4: Be ready. Before the big day be sure to clear the area around your piano, and anything that might be blocking the route out of the home. And don’t forget to empty the piano bench! During the actual relocation, it is best to lock the dogs away from the area where the movers will be working. If you have kids who are not old enough to understand what’s happening, maybe get someone to help out during the time the movers are working in the home.

Tip #5: Plan for the other side. After the movers bring your piano to its new location, it's important to ensure you know exactly where you want it. Moving a piano, even just a small rotation, is difficult to do and is almost guaranteed to ruin your floors. Be sure you like how it is before they leave.

Calgary’s Choice For A Residential Moving Company  

If you need to move a treasured and beloved piano, make sure you are prepared by following the tips above from the professional piano movers at Precision Moving. Our team has successfully moved over 31,000 pianos, baby grands, and organs within Calgary and area. The experienced and reliable team at Precision Movers will take care of your piano and ensure that it’s treated with the utmost care throughout its journey to a new destination. To get a quote for your move call 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the contact form on this website.


Q: What do I need to consider when moving a piano into storage?
A: If your new home doesn’t accommodate your piano, or you need to store it somewhere in between a relocation, it’s important to get a storage unit that is climate controlled. Pianos are delicate and being exposed to harsh weather, dryness or moisture, can cause damage. The team at Precision Movers are happy to provide piano moving services into a new home, or a storage unit.

Q: Do I need to hire a piano mover?
A: It may seem simple enough to move a piano, but you can be sure it’s not as simple as you might hope. Without proper equipment, ramps, lifts and straps you can open yourself up to a world of hurt, literally and figuratively. It’s all too easy to injure yourself, and your beautiful piano, in the process. Another big benefit of a professional piano mover is they will have the proper truck larger enough to safely move your piano. Kick your feet up and relax while the experienced moving company takes care of it.

Q: How much do pianos weigh?
A: A piano weighs hundreds of pounds, with some grand options weighing in at over 1000 lbs. Whether it’s in your home or business, hiring the right commercial or residential moving company to safely move your piano is always the best bet.

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