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4 Tips For Moving Your Expensive Appliances

Are you moving to a new home? Relocating your heavy and expensive appliances can pose quite a challenge and requires a lot of planning. Here are some simple and easy tips for moving your appliances safely and easily.

It’s always exciting to move into a new home, but this transition can also pose some challenges. Whether you’re worried about packing or moving your expensive appliances, hiring professional movers can help streamline the process and eliminate any difficulties.

A professional relocation company will:

  • Ensure your move is faster and more efficient
  • Protect your valuables and expensive appliances
  • Lower the risk of injury to you and your family
  • Provide basic insurance coverage
  • Lower your relocation costs and prevent any nasty surprises


Affordable and Efficient Calgary Moving Services

At Precision Movers, we have been successfully relocating clients across Western Canada for over three decades. Whether you require help with storage or packing, or you want to avoid damage to your expensive musical instruments and appliances, our professional movers have the equipment and expertise to get the job done quickly and safely.

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3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Appliances Safe During a Move

If you are moving and need to take your heavy and expensive appliances with you, then early planning will go a long way in eliminating any stress and nasty surprises. To protect your floors, walls, and appliances from damage during your move, you must follow these 3 tips:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Moving appliances is tricky because not only can one wrong move damage your expensive equipment, it can also damage your floors and your walls. Before you move anything, ALWAYS plan ahead. Measure your appliances and compare their dimensions to any constricted spots along the way to the front door.

What if my appliances are too large?

If your appliances are too large to fit through the front door, then your movers may be able to find an alternative route or even remove the door temporarily to get clearance.

2. Clean Your Floors

While it may not seem like a big deal, cleaning your floors before you move your appliances is absolutely critical. Why? There are certain objects that can damage your floors more than the appliance itself, such as dirt and stones. So before anything else, always sweep and mop the area first.

Once the floors are clean, set down protective covering but avoid cardboard. This is because cardboard has a tendency to move and create friction, which can scratch your floors.

3. Prep Your Appliances Properly

Once you have planned your route and prepped your floors and home, you will need to prepare your appliances for safe moving. Here are some things to remember:

  • Fridge: Remove any food and drinks from the fridge. Unplug the fridge and clean it, leaving the door open for at least 24 hours before you move it. During the move, don’t forget to tape the doors shut to prevent them from swinging up during the relocation.
  • Dryer: Turn off the power, clean the exterior and lint screen of your dryer and tape the door shut before moving it.
  • Washing machine. Disconnect the power and the input/output hoses. Leave the door open overnight to remove any excess moisture and then secure the hoses to the washing machine. Make sure to tape the door shut.


Protect Yourself and Your Appliances

Moving heavy appliances can be tricky. To save yourself from injury and any additional moving costs, it’s best to hire a professional mover who has the tools and equipment to complete the job safely.

To find out more about our commercial and residential moving services, and how we can ensure your relocation is cost-effective and smooth, visit us at Precision Movers Ltd. 8-4040 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4E6.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 403-540-4393 or fill in our online contact form.

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