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7 Things Your Movers Won't Move

Let’s face it: relocation companies are lifesavers. From having the right supplies to move luxury furniture, to carrying your possessions up and down stairs, is there anything they won’t do?

If you are moving homes or office, you may find that the process can be very overwhelming. From finding the right moving supplies, to doing all the packing, lifting and reorganizing, it’s no surprise that many people don’t look forward to it.

However, hiring the services of a professional relocation company can significantly lessen the stress of your move and has many benefits including:

  • Lowers the risk of injury to you and your family members/friends
  • Lowers the risk of damaged property
  • Leads to a faster, more efficient and stress-free moving process
  • Lower moving costs
  • Gives protection to your valuable and expensive furniture (e.g. pianos and safes)
Why Relocation Companies?


The team at Precision Movers has the moving supplies, expertise and knowledge to help create a seamless and stress-free moving process for you and your family.

Whether you need help packing, or moving large pieces of furniture, our relocation company can ensure the job is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Seven Things Your Movers Will NOT Move

Hiring a relocation company is a great idea, especially for first-time movers. BUT, before you start packing up your possessions, it’s important to know that there are certain things, despite having all the moving supplies, that movers WILL NOT move.

These include:


One of the things that long distance movers won’t move is plants. It’s illegal to transport plants more than 150 miles without a special license. This is because certain pests can exist on your house plant, and once moved, it will be introduced to a new area.


Many movers refuse to move anything that is perishable including frozen foods and open containers. That’s why it’s recommended that you consume what you can before the move, or move the food in a container by yourself.


Most relocation companies will give you a list of hazardous materials that they will not move and these may include:

  • Aerosol cans/paints
  • Paint thinner
  • Batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Drain cleaners
  • Chlorine bleach

GOOD RULE OF THUMB: If you can’t ship it or dispose of it in your regular trash collection, then the movers will probably not move it. The best plan is to use up such items before you move or dispose of the ones left over properly.

  1. PETS

Pets are one of the things that movers do not move. In order to ensure your pet arrives safely at your new home, it’s best to take them in the car or plane with you!


While valuables aren’t technically things that movers won’t move, you don’t want to risk losing them amid your other possessions during the relocation. Such items include:

  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Important documents (birth certificates, title deed etc)
  • Mobile phones/Ipod

Most movers will not move any power equipment that still has fuel in the tank. This includes items such as motorcycles, lawn mowers and weed eaters. Before a relocation company can agree to move them, you must drain the fuel or run the equipment until the reserve is empty.

Make sure to do this AT LEAST 24 hours before loading.


Some movers may even decline to move extremely heavy items, such as grand pianos, pool tables and hot tubs, so it’s important to check with your relocation company if they have the expertise and moving supplies required to move any luxury or large pieces of furniture you have.


Precision Movers Are Different!

Precision Movers is one of Calgary’s leading relocation companies and we have the experience and moving supplies needed to move heavy, luxury pieces of furniture including pianos, organs and safes.

Wherever you are going, our team will always take exceptional care of your luxury and large furniture pieces and ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect condition to your new home!

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