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14 Pro Tips to Ensure a Stress Free Move

No matter the circumstances, moving your home is a combination of excitement and stress- both rolled into one. Not only do you need to relocate your utilities, deal with endless paperwork, forward your mail, and deal with an endless list of to-dos, but you also need to somehow pack your entire life into boxes while continuing to function day-to-day. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and It’s enough to make even the most seasoned moving veterans want to pull their hair out.

We have seen our fair share of people struggle through the process of moving homes and we have compiled this list of tips and tricks to help you come through the other side as cool as a cucumber.

Our Home Movers Share Their Secrets

No matter how many times you have relocated yourself and your family, moving homes is still a major cause of stress. Here at Precision Moving, we have relocated thousands of people across neighborhoods, cities, and countries; many repeat clients and frequent flyers. The fact of the matter remains that there are surefire ways to make your next move without giving yourself too many grey hairs. Let’s dive into our moving professional’s list for a stress-free move.

Home Moving made Easy: Get Organized

  • Make a list of all companies you need to contact to change your address. Tackle contacting them all at once and check off your list as you go.
  • Do a run for the necessary moving supplies. Having everything on hard you might need such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and a good Sharpie for labeling will make you an efficient packer.
  • Start purging and organizing right away. As soon as you get an inkling that you might be moving, tap into your inner Marie Kondo; if it doesn’t bring you joy, give it away! Bonus points if you leave yourself enough time to sell it online.
  • Get the family involved. Ask your kids and family members to go through their things to determine what can go and what will come with it. You might be surprised how great everyone feels after getting rid of the clutter.
  • Plan your home to-do list in advance. Whether you own or rent, there are surely things that need to be fixed and cleaned after your move out. Whether you are a DIY professional or want to bring in a handyman to help, having a list of to-dos will ensure nothing is missed in the madness of moving out.
  • Coordinate the chaos. It’s safe to say that the week right before, and after, moving homes will feel a bit chaotic. Almost everything will be packed, and feel missing in action. To make the transition smoother take the time to pack and label a box of your most important items. Things like dish soap, toilet paper, and bedding will need to be unpacked on day one in your new place.
  • Pre-order your move-in groceries. One of the upsides to COVID-19 is that almost every grocery store now offers curbside pickup or delivery. Have your first order of groceries delivered to the new house so you can stock your fridge and pantry right away.
  • Get help. If you have small children or pets it might be a good idea to coordinate some puppy-sitting or a sleepover for the kiddos. Knowing your little humans and fur babies are well taken care of will reduce your stress and let you better focus on the task at hand.
  • Book your movers early. Whether you are hiring out for your entire home move, or you are bringing in the pros just for the big items, be sure to get your moving company booked ASAP. The weekends and the end of the month are high volume moving times, so getting the jump on your booking is always a good idea.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced moving company in Calgary, Alberta, Precision Movers will make your next relocation a great one.



How The Pros Save Money While Moving Houses

We also have some industry insider tips to save money on your move. Some of our favourites are:

  • Second hand, first. Look for gently used moving supplies in local groups and from businesses. Taking boxes that would otherwise just get recycled is great for the environment and your wallet.
  • Nothing goes empty. Inevitably you will most likely need to buy some boxes along the way, but you can keep this cost down by packing some of your items in the bins, suitcases, laundry hampers, and storage containers already in your home.
  • DIY closet packing. Instead of expensive wardrobe boxes, you can save money by creating your own solution to move clothes from your closet. While still on the hanger bundle in groups of 10-15 with an elastic band. Cut a small hole in the bottom of a garbage bag and drape it over the bundle of hangers and clothing.
  • Eat smart. To avoid wasting groceries and eating out often, plan your meals for the two weeks before moving out. Use up all the fresh food and freezer items so you don’t have to pack them up, haul them to the new house, and risk thawing. The week before you move, do some meal prep and fill your fridge with some easy take-and-bake-style food for your family. Meals like lasagne, casseroles, and no-bake oatmeal jars will allow you to keep everyone fed without having to waste time looking for kitchen gadgets and cookware you have already packed.
  • Plan your snacks. To avoid spending a fortune on take-out and fast food keep a cooler nearby with bottles of water, protein bars, a fruit and veggie tray, chips, and whatever else you and your family enjoy munching on.


Making Your Home Move Organized, Affordable and Efficient

Packing, purging, moving, and unpacking while still managing your busy life can take its toll. Keep your move calm, cool, and collected by implementing these moving hacks into your planning. At Precision Moving we have successfully alleviated moving stress for thousands of Calgarians with our safe, reliable, and proficient moving services. Reach out to our team to get an estimate for your next move - you can contact us by calling 403-540-4393 or by filling out our online contact form.



How can I pack and move on short notice? 
We know that sometimes moving happens quickly and you may not have time to plan and coordinate your move as carefully as you might like. When this happens follow these three tasks to ensure your move goes quickly:
  • Purge unwanted items: Going through your home and making a giant pile of things to donate will make your move lighter and quicker. You can take all of them to your local donation centre, or call a company that can pick it up and get rid of it for you.
  • Prompt packing: Put all of your daily items such as your toiletries and medications in a travel bag and everything else will go in boxes and bags just as they are. If the goal is to get to your new place as quickly as possible, you can spend the time organizing and sorting things out when you get there.
  • Get professional help: If time isn’t on your side maybe now isn’t the time to try and convince friends and family to help move boxes. Hiring an insured and experienced moving company and cleaning company will shave days off of your moving time.
What is the best way to move something heavy?
Moving big items such as furniture, or a piano, can be dangerous for the average person- especially when your home has split levels and stairs. We always recommend using a professional mover that offers a heavy item moving service, but should you choose to do it yourself we highly recommend renting or purchasing a lever dolly, moving straps, a hand truck and to practice proper lifting techniques. 
What is the best way to move house plants? 
Moving your indoor and outdoor plants can be a big task. Whether you’re using professional movers, or renting a truck and moving yourself, your plants need to be packed properly to ensure a safe, and ultimately uneventful, transportation. Some of our plant moving tips are:
  • Repot plants into shatter proof plastic pots a month before moving.
  • Put shallow boxes into the moving truck and move plants in one by one.
  • Use packing materials in between the pots to provide padding and protection from spilling and breakage.

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