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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Safe Mover

Packing up your kitchenware and clothes before your move is pretty straightforward. However, moving a safe is not so easy and comes with unique challenges and potential complications. Safes and vaults are big, heavy, and awkward to move and if done incorrectly can cause severe damage to your home, the safe itself, and the contents within. You also risk injury to those moving it. Safe movers have the experience and equipment to properly handle moving your safe so you do not have to leave it behind or risk injury.

Leave Your Safe Move To The Professionals

High-security metal safes can be as big and tall as a refrigerator, only much heavier. They are designed to withstand fire, burglaries, and any environmental changes. They are extremely difficult to move and can be very dangerous if the right safety precautions are not taken. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring professional movers with years of experience in moving large safes between homes or offices:

Protect The Valuables Inside Your Safe

Many safes are equipped to protect your belongings only when standing upright. Jostling the safe and moving it around incorrectly can shift the shelves and contents inside causing them to break. Special techniques and strategies are required to pick up and transport safes. Professional movers are trained in to ensure no valuable contents are damaged during the move.

It Is Too Big And Heavy To Move On Your Own

Moving a heavy safe requires teamwork, training, and specialized equipment that you simply may not have. Your pickup truck may not be able to handle the weight of transporting a safe and unless you have enough friends willing to help you move a 1000 pound gun safe, you will not be able to safely transport it on your own. If the move involves stairs, tight corners, or a long walk to the truck, special equipment is necessary to make it happen. Professional safe movers are equipped with heavy-duty dolly’s, straps, and professional knowledge to properly work together as a team to ensure a secure, efficient move that will not cause injury or damage to your home or the safe itself.

Your Safe May Be Connected To Your Homes Infrastructure

Many safes are bolted to the walls or floors of your home to ensure that they are stabilized and will not fall over. The safe needs to be carefully removed from wall studs to make sure no damage occurs to your home’s structure Some safes are directly wired into your home's electrical system. If the safe is disconnected incorrectly, you risk damaging the electrical wiring inside the safe which allows it to open and close. Also, as you are pulling the safe away from the wall, the safe may not smoothly roll out and may topple over causing serious injury to you or damage to your home.

Calgary Professional Safe Movers

Whether it is a simple move from one side of the room to the other, or a complicated move involving multiple staircases and other obstacles, safe and vault moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task. Professional safe movers have the equipment and expertise to handle moving a vault without causing injury or damage to your home and valuable contents within, even in the most complex situations.

Over the last thirty years, Precision Movers has developed and tested an in-depth procedure for moving safes. Our team of experienced safe movers are equipped with the necessary tools to relocate safes weighing up to 2500lbs. Our team will arrive with lifting bars, rollers, dollies, and specialized jacks to guarantee the safety of your property during the move. To learn more, contact us by calling (403)-540-4393 or fill out our online contact form.


How heavy of a safe can your team move?
Our movers at Precision Movers Ltd. are trained and equipped to handle moving safes that weigh up to 2500 pounds.

How much does it cost to move a large safe?
The moving business is usually priced on a quote-for-project basis. At Precision Movers Ltd., we offer free quotes for moving services in Calgary. To request your free quote, contact us today.

Are you able to move a safe up and downstairs?
Yes, our team has the specialized equipment to allow us to move your safe efficiently both up and downstairs.

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