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3 Tips To Make Your Commercial Move More Efficient And Stress-Free

Packing and moving into a new space requires a lot of organization and patience and is just as involved as moving into a new home. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing your business space, your biggest concern will be keeping operations running smoothly without causing any extra stress or disruptions in your workflow. 

By planning ahead, prioritizing safety, focusing on your business, and hiring professional commercial moving services when needed, you will simplify the entire process of moving your business and avoid unnecessary headaches and stress.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Moving Company

When you plan on relocating your business, you must consider and manage multiple tasks to ensure a smooth transition. You probably have bulky furniture, electronics, and multiple rooms full of knick-knacks to pack up. And there is usually little to no time to get it all done on your own. That is where a professional commercial moving company comes in to save the day. 

There are so many benefits that come with hiring a professional moving company, such as:

  • Guarantee that your equipment is transported safely
  • Minimizes business disruption
  • Assurance that all of your belongings arrive at the new location
  • They have the equipment and skill sets to move large pieces of furniture

Precision Movers have a long track record of reliability and can meet all of your commercial moving needs in a timely manner. To learn more about our commercial moving services, please call 403-540-4393 or schedule an appointment today.

3 Tips To Make Your Commercial Move Stress-Free

Take Inventory

There is no such thing as “winging it” when it comes to moving. One of the easiest ways you can prepare and stay organized is by narrowing down the number of valuables you wish to bring with you to your new space. Start with simple tasks such as determining what needs to go and what can stay and designate certain areas to keep them separated. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling at the time of the move which will increase your chances of misplacing something. From storage units to desk drawers, decluttering and taking inventory of your stock will save you untold amounts of time and energy.
Follow this simple process:

  • Evaluate your possessions and needs
  • Donate extra and unnecessary items
  • Shred old or unimportant files
Label Everything

Put extra emphasis on labelling every single box as well as what they contain. Your future self will thank you when you are not spending hours digging through every box to find items. Labelling is also vital for knowing if a box goes missing and what was contained in that box. You will be able to hold your movers accountable if you know for sure and have proof that something has gone missing during the move. You can even assign a number to each employee's workstation so the movers can appropriately place their belongings in the correct areas of your new space.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

Having to juggle tasks and important deadlines is more than enough work as is, but adding the task of moving can decrease productivity and cause you and your employees unnecessary stress. 

Not only do professional commercial movers know what they are doing, they come equipped with the right skills and tools to handle everything with precision and care. If you do not want to invest in straps, dollies, and other equipment to move your large furniture pieces, hiring a mover will save you these extra costs and time spent attempting to move these pieces on your own. Enlisting professional movers also saves your employees from potential injuries where they to do the moving themselves. 

Contact Precision Movers For Our Commercial Moving Services

Professional movers can help you save time and money while reducing the risk of your items being damaged or lost. They will help you with the heavy lifting and shuttling so you can sit back, relax, and supervise the move. Remember to plan ahead as much as you can and diligently organize your possessions to allow for a smooth, efficient move.

Our team at Precision Movers will ensure an efficient move with no disruptions so you can stay focused on running your business. To find out more about our residential and commercial moving and storage services and how our professional Calgary movers can help you save time and money during your next relocation, visit us at Precision Movers Ltd. 8-4040 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4E6. Or you can contact us by calling 403-540-4393 or by filling out our online contact form.


Do commercial movers assemble my furniture after the move?
At Precision Movers, we can disassemble and reassemble your furniture as needed or upon request.

Can I do my commercial move on my own?
Yes, you can. However, this will require time spent packing, labelling, and purchasing or renting the right equipment for the move. Costs that come with moving on your own can add up quickly if you damage important items that you will have to replace. Moving takes a lot of work, so it is best to leave it to the professionals so you can better spend your time and money elsewhere.

How much does hiring a commercial mover cost?
The moving business is usually priced on a quote-for-project basis. At Precision Movers Ltd., we offer free quotes for our moving services in Calgary. To request your free quote, contact us today!

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