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3 Tips for a Seamless Office Moving Day

Is your company or business relocating soon? Nervous about what to expect once the big day arrives? While moving offices can be an exciting experience, there's a lot you need to get in order before things can proceed. Here are the top three tips to help make that happen courtesy of our commercial movers in Calgary. 

Whether your company is expanding and needs additional space or you're looking to take advantage of the high vacancy rates in downtown Calgary, moving offices can be one of the biggest milestones a company accomplishes. Forever after, your business will denote its history by distinguishing its time before and after your move to the new location. But getting to that after point can be nerve-wracking and filled with pitfalls.

Here are the top three tips you need to know so your office moving day is as seamless as possible. 


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3 Tips for a Seamless Office Moving Day

While extremely exciting, moving offices can be a logistical nightmare for companies who are not properly prepared for everything it entails. With numerous moving pieces and expensive equipment that needs to be carefully relocated, commercial or office moving requires thorough planning and buy-in from all employees.

Seeing as our Calgary movers have executed hundreds of commercial and office moves, you'll want to make sure you follow their top three tips for a seamless one as found below.

1. Only put one person in charge to oversee and coordinate everything

Business owners will quickly see the value in applying this strategy when it comes to their office relocation. If there are too many people with input or say over how things should go once your company's moving day arrives, there's bound to be confusion and conflicting directives. A couple months before you plan on moving to your new office, you should designate one single person to oversee and coordinate everything when it comes to the logistics of your office relocation. This will clearly define who is in charge of decision making, and will give that person who is overseeing everything ample time to prepare for the unexpected challenges that are sure to arrive come moving day. 

If your company is larger and has multiple departments, you can assign team leads who will help coordinate your office move. Just make sure they understand the person you've selected to oversee everything has the final say when moving day arrives, which will cut down on confusion and wasted time. 

Need office moving or commercial moving in Calgary? Precision Movers has been executing seamless office or commercial moves for more than three decades. We have the expertise and equipment to make your move as smooth as it can be. 


2. Give your employees their own moving materials for their items

Getting your employees to fully buy-in to an office move can be one of the most challenging aspects of the whole endeavour. One way you can make it easier for them is to supply each employee with their own moving supplies so they can organize and keep track of all their items once it's time to unpack everything at the new office.

As people are notoriously resistant to change — and moving offices is a major change — doing whatever you can to get people onboard with the relocation is critically important. Once your employees know that they're personal items and favourite office supplies or tools will be staying with them after you arrive to your new space, they'll be much more receptive to the idea of relocating and more willing to help. 


3. Ensure your movers are properly insured

Every business has critically important infrastructure and equipment which must be handled with care when relocating it from one location to another. But if anything bad should happen to that equipment in transit, you want to have the peace of mind that it will be covered under your Calgary moving company's insurance. While you might assume the people you've hired to help with your commercial or office move have the proper coverage, it never hurts to confirm this with them. 

One thing you'll want to be sure to ask your Calgary movers about is WCB coverage. You don't want your company or business being liable for any injuries that might occur during your move, and reputable relocation companies will always protect their workers by having this extremely important coverage. As they say, it never hurts to ask. And in this case, it can hurt you a whole lot if the movers you've hired are inadequately insured. 

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