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4 Aspects of Moving You Should Never Forget

Are you moving to a new house? Apart from hiring professional movers, here are 4 often missed aspects of relocation that you should NEVER forget. 

While moving homes can be an exciting transition, it is not without its challenges! If this is your first time relocating, then there may be a few important aspects which get forgotten, which could lead to more frustration. Hiring professional movers can help streamline the process and eliminate any of the difficulties you may face. 

When you’re moving houses, our Calgary movers will help: 

  • Lower your relocation costs
  • Keep your valuables protected and free of damage 
  • Keep your family safe and free of injury 
  • Provide basic insurance coverage in case any items are damaged 
  • Make your move faster and more efficient 

Our Professional Movers Make Moving Houses Easy! 

At Precision Movers, we have been successfully relocating Calgarians locally and across Western Canada for over 3 decades. Our experienced and knowledgeable team always strives to provide our clients with seamless and efficient relocation services. 

Whether you’re moving into a new office or your dream house, our professional movers and fleet of excellently maintained trucks will get all of your belongings transported safely and quickly. 

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4 Important Aspects of Moving That Should NEVER Be Forgotten

When moving houses, you have a lot to think about and do, so there are bound to be some things that are forgotten. Apart from hiring professional movers, one of the best ways to ensure an efficient relocation is to keep a checklist of the most often forgotten aspects of a house move, including: 

1. Organizing Parking for the Moving Truck

Before relocation day, you must make sure that you’ve organized parking for the moving truck both at your current and new address. This will prevent you from wasting time driving around in search of a suitable parking space. 

In order to ensure you get a reserved parking space, you should:

  • Avoid moving at peak hours
  • Have a contact person at your new residence who can reserve the spot before you arrive 
  • Save close-by parking spots for your movers both at the current and destination addresses by using your car. 

PRO MOVER TIP: If you forget to organize parking, you may be forced to park quite a distance from your new home. This means that there will be a great risk of damage to your items, and the relocation will take longer and cost more. 


2. Reserving an Elevator

If you are living in or moving into, an apartment building, then you must make sure to reserve an elevator and coordinate that time with your professional movers. In many cases, you can reserve the elevator for a few hours so that your movers won’t have to waste time chasing and waiting for the elevator. 

PRO MOVER TIP: Consider booking your move on a weekday. This way you can be sure that the elevator will be available to book for your specific moving date and time. 


3. Go Through Your Belongings in Advance

If you’ve already started packing for your relocation, you’ve probably come across items you haven’t used or needed in years. Moving to a new home is a perfect time to go through your belongings and declutter. Make sure you make a pile for things you need and things you don’t. 

For things that you no longer need, why not consider: 

  • Selling them 
  • Donating them to charity 
  • Recycling them 
  • Giving them away to friends and family 

PRO MOVER TIP: The more you pack, the heavier your moving truck will be and the higher your relocation costs so make sure to only take along what you really need. 



4. Pack an Essentials Box 

Packing up takes time. Unpacking can take even longer. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll have time to unpack everything quickly, you should set aside an essentials box for the first few days at your new home.

Make sure this box has: 

  • Extra clothing for the family
  • Any prescription medication 
  • Toiletries 
  • Hand tools and flashlight
  • Snacks
  • Any valuable items 

PRO MOVER TIP: Planning in advance for your move and packing this life-saving box can save you a lot of stress and frustration when things don’t go exactly as planned. 


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