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4 Forgotten Aspects of Moving & Relocation

Getting ready for moving day? Apart from hiring a reliable relocation service, here are 4 simple ways to assist your movers and make the process easier.


When moving day is approaching, there are plenty of hassles you know to expect but there are a few important aspects which often get forgotten. Hiring a professional relocation service can help streamline the moving process and eliminate many of the challenges you might face.

Our Calgary movers will:

  • Keep your valuables safe
  • Lower your risk of injury
  • Lower your relocation costs
  • Provide basic insurance coverage in the event that your items are damaged
  • Make your move shorter and more efficient

At Precision Movers, we have been successfully relocating Calgary residents across Western Canada for over 30 years and always strive to provide our clients with seamless and efficient relocation services.

Whether you are moving into your dream home or a brand new office, our professional team of movers and brand-new fleet of excellently maintained trucks will get all of your belongings transported safely and quickly.


4 Often Forgotten Aspects of Moving that You Should NEVER Forget

You have a lot of things to think about when moving and there are bound to be some things that are forgotten.

Apart from using professional movers, one of the most efficient ways to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving day is to keep a checklist with the most often neglected aspects of house/office moves including:

1. Labeling Boxes

Moving into a new house or office can be a time-consuming endeavor but staying organized can help. Labeling your boxes will not only help the movers, but will make them a breeze to unpack.

5 Box Labelling Tips
  • Write which room each box should go in
  • List the contents of each box
  • Write ‘Fragile’ on any box containing delicate or easily broken objects
  • Label any box you plan on taking yourself as ‘Do Not Move’
  • Label some boxes as ‘Unpack First’ so you’ll know which contain the most important day-to-day necessary items

Devising a smart and fool-proof labeling system will help the relocation service do their job more efficiently and will significantly lower your relocation costs.

2. Emptying Dressers & Drawers

Many people who are moving forget to empty items from the dressers, cupboards and filing cabinets. However, when hiring a relocation service, it’s important to remember to remove anything fragile, heavy or delicate prior to moving day.

Here are some of the different drawer types and how they should be handled:

Large Wooden Bedroom Chests

You can keep these drawers filled with either clothing or bedding i.e. nothing fragile, heavy or that will fall out easily.

Flimsier Bedroom Chests

You shouldn’t leave these drawers filled. The chests aren’t sturdy and could break with the added pressure of moving.


To assist your movers, make sure to take out all stationery, pens, books etc and put them in a separate carrier bag.

Filing Cabinets

If the drawers come out of the cabinet, make sure to remove any items and store them separately.

REMEMBER: Failing to remove items from dressers and drawers may mean higher moving costs, damage to fragile items and longer relocation times.

3. Reserving an Elevator

Elevators can make moving day much easier or difficult, depending on the circumstances. So if you live in an apartment building, be sure to reserve an elevator and coordinate the time with your Calgary relocation service!

In most cases, an elevator can be reserved for a few hours to stay with your movers so they won’t have to spend as much time chasing the elevator as they do performing your actual move.  

Also, consider booking your move in advance (and on a weekday or during the slow moving season.) This way, you can be sure the elevator will be available for your specific move date and time.


4. Organizing Parking for the Truck

Organizing parking for the mover’s truck both at your current and new residence is very important and will prevent you from spending unnecessary time driving around in search of a suitable parking space.

Some tips on organizing a parking space include:

  • Do not move during peak hours
  • Have a contact person near your new residence who can reserve a parking spot before you arrive
  • Reserve close-by parking for the movers at your originating and destination addresses using your car or a friend’s/relative’s car.

REMEMBER: If your movers are forced to park away from your new residence, the relocation will take longer, cost more and there will be a greater risk of damages.

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To find out more about our Calgary relocation services, contact our friendly team of movers today at 403.540.4393.


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