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4 Simple Ways to Ease The Stress of a Holiday Move

Are you planning on moving houses during the holidays? That’s no easy feat! From hiring professional Calgary movers to using the right equipment, here are some tips to make your relocation faster and safer.

Relocating to a new home at any time of the year can be a highly stressful experience, particularly during the cold and snowy holiday season. However, there are also numerous benefits to an off-season move because this is when local moving companies have:

  • More flexibility
  • Greater availability
  • Lower moving costs
  • A good stock of moving equipment and supplies


Our Professional Calgary Movers Can Make Your Holiday Move Easy

If you are planning on moving during the holiday season, you may face numerous challenges. At Precision Movers, a leading Calgary moving company, our professional movers have the expertise and equipment to make your move as cost-effective, quick, and safe as possible.

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4 Tips to Make Your Holiday Move Easier

One of the most challenging times of the year for relocating is the holiday season. However, there may be times when circumstances can make this necessary and some people may prefer to move during the holidays, since they can take adequate time away from school or work.

If you are planning on moving during the cold season, there are some extra measures you can take to make your relocation safer and more enjoyable, such as:

1. Invest in the Services of a Professional Moving Company

The holiday season is already jam-packed for most families so no doubt you already have a lot on your mind without having to worry about packing or other aspects of your move. Hiring a reliable moving company will significantly lower your stress levels and ensure that:

  • The move happens in a fast and cost-efficient manner
  • Your family is protected from any injuries
  • Any possessions or valuables are protected from damage

At our Calgary moving company, our team of professional movers have the equipment and expertise to tackle all the major parts of your relocation so you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends with total peace of mind.



2. Start The Process Early

When you are planning a relocation, you must remember that the earlier you start, the less you’ll have to do in the end. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so do as much as you can early on so you can spend the extra time with your family and friends.

This is especially true when it comes to packing. If you are moving right before Christmas, you must put extra thought into packing, to make unpacking much easier once you get to your new house. Remember to add labels to your boxes which indicate:

Don’t want boxes lying around while friends are over? A garage or spare room are the perfect places to store any boxes and packing material.

3. Be Minimal With Your Decorations

Even though you’re relocating, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! There are so many decorations you can put up that don’t require a lot of work. This includes simple lights and tinsel as they’re very festive but also extremely easy to put up and take down.

What about a Christmas tree? Depending on how close your moving date is to Christmas, you may want to wait until you move into your new home before setting up the tree.

4. Use The Right Equipment To Protect Yourself From Injury

Many cities across Canada experience cold and snowy weather during the holidays, which can make a move dangerous and challenging. Our Calgary moving company has over 30 years of experience moving customers during the winter months, so we have the knowledge and equipment needed to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe during a holiday move.

Considering a DIY Move? If you opt to do some of the work yourself, then you must make sure to gear up properly! Having the right materials such as sturdy snow boots, gloves, and loading equipment will prepare you for the wet conditions and keep you safe.


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