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4 Ways to Help Your Senior Parent Relocate

Is your elderly parent wanting to move to a new home? From choosing the right relocation company to getting the proper moving supplies, here’s how to help make the transition as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. 

Is your elderly parent considering a relocation? There are many reasons for seniors to consider moving to a new, and often smaller, home, including:

  • retirement
  • warmer weather
  • changes in lifestyle
  • changes in health status

In addition, some seniors decide they want to move to be closer to family members, or that they want to move into a smaller home that is easier and more cost-effective to keep and maintain.

Precision Movers is Calgary’s Leading Relocation Company

At Precision Movers, we are committed to helping our clients with all their unique relocation needs. If you have a senior parent who is looking to move, we have the expertise, moving supplies, and knowledge to help them do so safely and quickly.

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4 Tips For Helping Your Elderly Parent Move Homes

From leaving a family home filled with memories to losing a sense of independence, moving a senior parent is not an easy task: it can be both emotionally and physically challenging. To make this difficult transition smoother, here are 4 simple tips to follow:

1. Take Your Time to Plan The Move

Sorting through years of possessions and memories is difficult and can certainly be emotionally painful. That’s why it’s very important to give your parents enough time so that they don’t feel rushed and are able to fully absorb the impact of this big life change.

TIP: Take Small Steps

Before moving, spend a day with your parents talking about what to expect from the move. Give them small tasks to do, such as going through a box in the attic, and ask them to spend 15 minutes a day on new tasks. Remember: Taking small steps will help your parents settle easily into the idea of moving and make the entire experience much more pleasant.


2. Hire a Relocation Company

If you’re moving an elderly relative, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional relocation company to help with the process. Such professionals can:

  • ease the burden of relocating a lifetime’s worth of belongings
  • ensure your parents’ treasured items reach their new home safely
  • lower your risk of injury by loading and unloading the truck
  • offer professional packing and unpacking services

Moving is never easy, but it’s especially difficult if you are moving with a senior parent. Hiring a relocation company that has the expertise and proper moving supplies will ensure a seamless transition.



3. Start With a Room That Has Less Sentiment

Moving out of a family home is always emotionally difficult, so the best thing to do is begin sorting through a room that has less sentiment attached to it such as the bathroom or the kitchen. This will help your parents get used to the idea of relocating without becoming too emotional.


4. Get a Blueprint of the New Home

One of the best things you can do before your parents move is to figure out how much space their new place has. If they’re downsizing, then you’ll need to figure out together what can be kept and what needs to be given away/sold.

Tip: Offer to keep any of their family valuables or keepsakes that they can’t move with them, or try to keep them in the family if possible.


Remember: Always Be Patient

During this relocation, you must allow your parents to take their time to say goodbye. Letting go is a very important part of the process so be patient and listen to their stories. This will make the whole process a lot easier and a lot more fun.


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