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5 Tips for Safely Moving a Safe

Do you have a massive safe that keeps your valuables or guns secure that you need to move to your new home? If you do, then our Calgary safe movers have some invaluable tips to pass along your way. 

By their very design large safes are not meant to be moved. The whole point of a massively heavy safe that you store your valuables or guns in is to a) keep people from getting into it and b) to deter people from simply walking away with it. Most strongboxes achieve these goals rather quite well. But what if you have to move? You most likely don't want to part ways with your expensive safe, and the valuables you currently have inside surely need somewhere secure to reside in your new abode. That's where our Calgary safe movers come in handy with their top five tips for safely moving a safe. 

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1. Hire Experienced Calgary Safe Movers

Did you really expect a moving company's blog to not recommend this sensible decision first? Precision Movers has developed and perfected their safe-moving technique over the past three decades, and can relocate strongboxes that weigh up to 2,500 lbs. If you attempt moving your safe on your own, you could potentially damage the locking mechanism and end up effectively denying yourself access to your very own valuables. 



2. Prepare Your Safe for Transit

Undeterred, hey? Alright, let's do this. The very first thing you need to do is get your safe ready for its big move. Do so by:

  • Emptying it of its contents so it's as (relatively) light as possible
  • Finding a secure place for the valuables you just emptied out of it
  • Ensuring the door to the safe is closed and locked so it doesn't swing open in transit and damage property or people
  • Wrapping it tightly in moving blankets and securing the blankets with tape so it has a lower likelihood of damaging property, or getting damaged itself


3. Find Some Helpers

You didn't think you were going to be able to move a safe on your own, did you? You're going to want to call the biggest, burliest, strongest people you know and politely ask them to help with this monumental task. Maybe sweeten the deal by offering them pizza. Better yet, call our Calgary commercial movers. They don't accept pizza as payment, but they would be very grateful were you to offer them some. 



4. Get the Proper Equipment

Sheer might will not move a safe alone. Even Andre the Giant himself would be hard-pressed to manhandle a safe into submission. You'll want to get a heavy duty dolly that can handle the weight, and perhaps some lifting bars, rollers, and a specialized jack while you're at it. Speaking of which, our Calgary safe movers have all these tools at their disposal and would be happy to put them to use for you!


5. Go Slow and Steady

Your safe has been emptied, you've got your strongest pals on hand, and all the proper equipment has been acquired. Now you just need to move your safe extremely safely by going slow and steady. With their enormous mass, even the slightest lapse of concentration can be catastrophic. Take plenty of breaks, and be especially careful when maneuvering around corners, through door frames, or up and down stairs.


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