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5 Tips on Choosing The Right Neighbourhood

Are you considering moving homes? Here are some tips from our Calgary relocation company on how to choose a neighborhood that’s right for you. 

If you’re in the middle of planning a move, you’re not alone! On any given day, thousands of people are moving into new homes all over the country. Whether it’s for personal reasons or professional ones, there are many reasons why people choose to relocate, including:

  • career opportunities
  • relationship changes
  • downsizing
  • financial difficulties
  • upgrading to a bigger home

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Neighborhood

There are many things you must consider when buying a home and on the top of that list should be the type of neighbourhood you’re relocating too. This is especially true if you have small children as you want to ensure that they grow up in an environment that is safe and secure.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a new neighbourhood:

1. Your Lifestyle

Before you can even begin house hunting, you must consider your lifestyle and needs. What is your current way of life (or what do you aspire to) and will the neighbourhood support it? Remember: you might fall in love with a home, but if the neighbourhood doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it could cause unhappiness in the long-term.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving into a New Neighborhood

  1. Are you looking for something urban, suburban, or more off the beaten path?
  2. Do you value privacy and quiet over being in the centre of all the action, or vice versa?
  3. Do you have children or are you planning on having them soon?

Aside from the price point, your lifestyle priorities will probably be the biggest determining factor in choosing a neighbourhood, or at least narrowing it down to a few potential candidates.


2. Amenities and Conveniences

Take time to explore each neighbourhood you’re considering and identify the nearby amenities and conveniences. If the neighbourhood is more suburban you’ll have to determine how far you’re willing to travel for groceries, gas stations, health services, and more.

Try to identify if the neighbourhood has local amenities such as:

  • parks
  • community centres
  • recreational activities
  • museums

Today, more and more home buyers are leaning toward areas where they can walk to the local coffee shop, dining spots, and shopping centres.


3. Commute Times

Before you move, you have to consider how you’re going to move around. Will you be walking, driving, or taking public transportation to get to work and social activities? For most buyers, the time it takes to commute to work and schools is a major consideration.

Think about how your commute time will affect your quality of life and whether the benefits of a neighbourhood with a longer commute time outweigh all the other costs.


4. Schools

If you have or are planning to have, children schools can be a major determining factor in your neighbourhood of choice. Take time to research schools in the area from elementary to high schools. You may also want to familiarise yourself with the school districts and boundaries.


5. Affordability

For most buyers, the ultimate decision about their neighbourhood comes down to affordability and a compromise to get the most value for your money. Buying a home is a very personal decision, but it’s also a huge investment. It’s important to research each neighbourhood to better understand market trends and property values.

TIP: Working with a real estate agent who is familiar with the area can be helpful in determining if the property values are on the rise, have been declining, or holding steady. Remember to ask:

  • are there lots of new developments in the area?
  • are new businesses moving in?
  • is there a new public transportation system in the area?
  • have there been any changes in city regulations or conditions?

Finding the ideal neighbourhood to live in can be a balancing act, but if you’ve done your homework and have a clear idea of your short and long-term goals, it’ll make the entire search process much more manageable.


Our Calgary Relocation Company Helps With All Your Moving Needs

Whatever your reason for moving homes, our Calgary relocation company has the equipment, expertise, and years of experience, to help make your moving experience as easy, safe, and as seamless as possible.

From luxury furniture and piano/organ moving services to commercial relocations, our team has the knowledge and experience to meet all your needs.

If you’ve determined the location of your new neighborhood and require some help moving or packing up your belongings, contact our Calgary relocation company today at 403-540-4393 or get a moving quote today!

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