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6 Ways to Avoid Injury When Moving Heavy Furniture

Are you moving to a new home? To avoid injury or damage to your home, it’s always best to hire professional movers. However, if you want to try moving heavy furniture yourself, here are 6 tips to follow to keep you and your family safe.

Moving homes can be a challenging and strenuous exercise and if you aren’t prepared for moving heavy furniture and rigorous lifting, then serious injuries and damage can occur, including:

  • Back injury
  • Knee injury
  • Damage to your home
  • Damage to your personal belongings

Moving Heavy Furniture is a Task Best Left to Professional Movers

Whether you are moving just down the street or to a different city, moving heavy furniture is always a task best left to professional movers. They have the equipment, expertise, and knowledge to make the process as safe and quick as possible.

At Precision Movers, we have been successfully relocating Calgary residents across Western Canada for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of services, including luxury furniture moving, piano and organ moving, and furniture assembly/disassembly to meet all your needs.

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6 Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture Safely

As professional movers, our team knows first hand that moving heavy furniture can be dangerous, so if you insist on performing this task yourself, follow the following 6 safety tips to avoid any bodily injuries and damaged furniture:

  1. Clear the way: Before moving any big pieces of furniture, clear your way from the room to the entrance floor. This will ensure you have enough room for lifting and turning the furniture. When doing this, consider chandeliers and other light fixtures, as well as your floors. You don’t want to break or damage anything.
  2. Remove any contents from the drawers. If you’re moving dressers, or other larger pieces of furniture, make sure to take all the contents out from the furniture and put them in moving boxes before lifting anything.
  3. Prepare the furniture: Prepare any furniture that you have to disassemble and start working on it as soon as the relocation process begins. Remove any loose parts to make it safe and easy when shifting, and if you have to, move your item piece by piece.
  4. Use your legs. When you start moving your large furniture, use your legs, not your back. Make sure to squat and lift with your back straight. DO NOT bend your back and hold the furniture low and close to your body. Remember to lift each piece of furniture from the strongest point. (4 Common Moving Injuries and How to Avoid Them >)
  5. Protect your floors: If you have hardwood floors, or any other easily damageable surface, make sure to protect them before moving your furniture. This can be done using furniture moving pads or blankets to cover the floors.
  6. Measure your furniture: Before moving your large pieces, measure the dimensions and consider the path you have cleared. Make sure to measure the width of the doors, the height of the ceilings, and the hallways you’ll be passing through. If it looks like it won’t fit, consider taking it apart and moving it piece by piece.

Why Hiring Professional Movers is Always The Best Choice

Moving large and heavy furniture is difficult and it requires a lot of planning, measuring, and knowledge. If you are feeling unsure about doing this, it’s important to seriously consider hiring professional movers.

Professional movers have the tools and knowledge to disassemble and move large pieces of furniture safely and quickly, and transport it to your new destination.

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One of the best ways to ensure your move is as safe, quick, and cost-efficient as possible is by hiring professional movers. At Precision Movers we have the expertise and equipment to make your relocation a stress-free and injury-free experience.

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