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7 Clever Ways to Organise Your Belongings Before You Move

Moving can be difficult from finding the right professional movers to getting all the proper moving supplies. To help make it a little easier, here are 7 clever ways to organize your belongings from our Calgary moving company. 

There are plenty of challenges and hurdles to expect when you are relocating, but working with a Calgary moving company can help you streamline the process and eliminate many of the difficulties you might face.

Professional movers will:

  • help keep your valuables safe
  • lower your risk of injury
  • keep your relocation costs down
  • provide basic insurance coverage in the event any of your items are damaged
  • make your move faster and more efficient

Professional Calgary Moving Company

At Precision Movers, our team of professional movers have the expertise, experience, and moving supplies to help make your relocation as seamless, easy, and stress-free as possible. We treat your valuables with the utmost care while ensuring the fastest and most efficient process.

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7 Clever Ways to Organise Your Belongings Before You Move

The relocation process can be a lengthy and challenging one from finding the right movers to gathering the proper moving supplies. One of the ways you can make it more simple is by organizing your items beforehand.

Here are 7 clever tips on how to keep your belongings in order before the moving company comes to take them to your new home:

  1. Use a colour code. To help make unpacking faster, remember to color code all of your boxes and assign each color to a different room of the new house when packing. Then all you or your movers will have to do is unpack the boxes in their assigned rooms.

  2. Do a little spring cleaning. To lower your moving costs and make life a little easier, have a good declutter before you start packing. Whether you decide to sell or donate your items, this is a good way to reduce the amount you’ll need to pack and transport to and find a place for in your new home. (3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before Your Move >)

  3. Make use of ziplock bags. If you decide not to use professional movers and have to take your furniture apart yourself, remember to keep all the screws, bolts, and nuts safe in a ziplock back and then taping it to the underside of your furniture. This will prevent unnecessary frustration after a long moving day.

  4. Fill up your suitcases. Instead of trying to lug around a heavy box, why not pack your bigger items into a rolling suitcase. This makes transporting them much easier and reduces your risk of injury.

  5. Use your belongings for extra padding. Moving supplies such as bubble cushioning can be expensive so why not keep your fragile items safe using your own clothes, linen, blankets, and even soft toys. Not only will you prevent breakages and reduce your costs, but you’ll also be packing up several items at once without realizing it.

  6. Take photos. Before you dismantle your TV, make sure to take a photo of your electrical set-up. When you want to relax in your new home, the last thing you want to do is deal with a major tangle of cables. If you have a photo, you’ll be able to easily tell where each of the cables belongs.

  7. Prepare a first night box. The process of relocating and unpacking, even if you have professional movers, can be very tiring, so to save yourself some time, prepare a first night box. This should contain all your essentials such as toilet paper, toiletries, change of clothes, and bedding. Don’t forget to add some tea, coffee, and snacks!


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