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7 Tips For A Successful Office Move

7 Tips For A Successful Office Move

Moving offices can be great for the company but the move itself can be an involved process that takes time, energy, and preplanning. Your office move will differ from a regular residential move because you will likely have more people involved and may have constraints on the process of moving based on the rules and processes of the space you are moving into. To make your office move as efficient as possible, try to get as much information about the new office as soon as you can and follow these 7 tips to keep things organized.

7 Tips For a Successful Office Move

  1. Plan Ahead. As soon as you find out your office is moving, divide tasks and set dates for when those tasks should be completed. Plan for how the new office will be set up so that you can pack accordingly so that you have things grouped together and you can start unpacking as soon as you get there instead of trying to decide what goes where once all of the boxes are unloaded. If you can get a floorplan of the office space ahead of time, that would be ideal. Get a quote from a moving company to help you prepare your budget for the move.
  2. Designate A Leader. Have one person monitor the move and ensure all tasks are completed so that nothing gets forgotten or left behind. Individuals should all be in charge of packing up their own desk, but beyond that the packing leader should assign tasks leading up to the move and follow up with them before the moving day.
  3. Pack Your Tech. Important office technology needs to be packed carefully so that nothing gets damaged. You may need a plan for getting disconnected and reconnected. Contact your IT team to make a plan for transporting and setting up all the technological equipment in your office. If you are upgrading any tech, try to get rid of your old devices either by donating them or recycling them instead of throwing them away. Calgary has several places that recycle old electronics so do some research to find out what’s closest to you.
  4. Label All Boxes. This is an important step in any move. When your box is labeled, you can quickly tell what’s in it and determine when it should be unpacked in the move-in process. The most efficient way to label boxes with specific items is to give the box a number and create a spreadsheet with the corresponding items so that everything is accounted for. Try to put the number of the box on all sides so that you can see which one it is no matter which way the box is facing.
  5. Check The New Office Move-In Rules. Some shared office buildings have rules stating that companies can only move in during specific hours. Make sure you check the building rules as soon as you know your office is moving so that you can schedule your office movers at the right time and so your workers are prepared for any odd hours that may be required of them. Also check if there is a service elevator within the new office building that needs to be reserved for your move and try to book it as early as possible. Ask the building manager about any other potential rules that may affect your move.
  6. Update Your Address. As soon as the office move is decided, start changing the address on any company materials. Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stamps, and more will have to be changed. Start changing those over as soon as possible so that you will have accurate information going to clients and so no one puts in a new order for any supplies with the old address. Changing the address early will save you from throwing away items after you’ve moved.
  7. Find The Best Moving Company. Moving your business is no small feat; there is lots to pack, transport, and unpack, not to mention any furniture that needs to be disassembled/reassembled or that needs to go up stairs. Make sure that you choose a commercial moving company that can offer these services to you and that fits into your determined budget.

Hire Professional Calgary Office Movers With Precision Movers

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult. With a combination of preplanning and experienced commercial movers, your office move can be quick, easy, and efficient. If you are looking for professional and quick office movers, contact us at Precision Movers in Calgary at 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the contact form. With over 30 years of experience, Precision Movers has done many commercial and office moves and can even disassemble and reassemble your office furniture. As Calgary’s choice commercial moving company, we are trained for the moving of safes and can assist with other specialized office equipment. Contact us for a free quote and schedule your Calgary offices movers early.


Q: Do professional movers know how to correctly pack and assemble computers and other electronics?
A: Commercial movers know how to efficiently organize and pack up your electronics so you do not have to worry about cables going missing or computers being broken. They will also be able to help set up your electronics where needed in your new office space.

Q: How long in advance should I start preparing for my office move?
A: Depending on how large your company is and how many employees and equipment you have, you should start organizing and planning for the move at least three months in advance.

Q: What is the best packing material for moving fragile items?
A: To avoid the headache of broken items you have two options: hire our professional Calgary office packers or learn to do it properly yourself. Although the are differing opinions on what is the ‘best’ packing material, here are some facts that will help you choose the best option for your fragile items:

  • Newspapers are a classic, smart (and free!) packing option for filling in empty space between belongings. Be sure that you are not using newspaper on something that can be stained with ink.
  • Bubble wrap is great for wrapping breakables and can be easily held in place with masking tape.
  • Packing peanuts are great to fill up entire boxes and nestle multiple items.
  • If any boxes were saved from larger electronics such as photocopies or printers, repackage those in their original boxes.

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