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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe After You’ve Moved Out

Are you relocating to a new home while your old house is still on the market? Here are 7 simple tips from our Calgary relocation company on how to keep your property safe after moving out.

If you own a home, but you’re ready to move onto a bigger and better house, one of the most important questions to ask before you embark on the transition is: Do you sell before you buy, or buy before you sell?

Buying before you sell is an enviable position. If you are in this unique position, doing so can bring you many benefits, including:

  • You can do remodelling work before you move in. Holding onto your old home can give you a place to stay while you’re remodelling and/or designing your new one.
  • You won’t have to move twice. Working with a relocation company is worth it, but it can also be costly. If you have your old home while buying a new one, not only will you save costs on the moving company, but you also won’t have to move temporarily into a hotel or put your things into storage.
  • You can compete against other sellers. Since you don’t have any contingencies on the sale of your existing home, you can get a leg up in a seller’s market, when homes receive multiple offers.  

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7 Ways to Keep Your Property Safe After You’ve Moved Out

If you’re moving out while your old home is still on the market, then your vacant property could attract more than just potential buyers - it can also attract criminal activity. An unoccupied property is at a higher risk of break-in, graffiti, damaged appliances, and broken windows, which can all add up to thousands of dollars in repairs.

To keep your vacant home safe from burglars and other criminals, here are 7 simple steps you can take:

  1. Enlist the help of neighbours: Before moving out, enlist the help of your neighbours, the head of your neighbourhood watch, and your local police department. With more eyes on the property, your home will be at a lower risk of a break in and you’ll have a better chance of getting quick assistance in case of any criminal activity.

  2. Maintain your lawn: A messy and overgrown lawn is a blaring sign of a vacant home. In the summer, make sure your lawn is mowed regularly, the hedges are trimmed, and there is no loose trash around the curb and driveway. In the winter, clean out your gutters and make sure your sidewalk is free of ice and snow.

  3. Don’t let your mail pile up: Before you move out, make sure all your mail is redirected to your new address. Ask a family member, friend, or neighbour, to regularly check your mail and doorstep at the old home in case any flyers or mail has been accidentally delivered.

  4. Make the necessary repairs: Regularly check your old property for any damage. A cracked window, broken porch door, or loose shutter should be fixed immediately, not only because it makes breaking in harder, but it also gives the illusion of a live-in owner.

  5. Use your driveway: If you have a driveway attached to your home, consider asking a neighbour to park one of their cars there. Some people will be happy with the extra space and having a car parked in your driveway is a great deterrent.

  6. Leave some curtains behind: If possible, try to leave some curtains or blinds on your windows when moving out. Keep them closed in case a potential criminal hops over the fence to see what’s inside your home.

  7. Consider using lighting timers: Purchasing lighting timers, connected to inexpensive lamps, and placed strategically throughout your house can be a great way to protect your home. Set the timers to go on and off in different rooms at appropriate times of day and night. If criminals see these lights, they’ll assume the property is still occupied.

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