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A Moving Guide For Single Parents

Moving can be a challenge but never more so than if you are a single parent. From hiring a moving service to organizing your relocation beforehand, here are some simple tips from our local moving company on how to make your move easier. 

From the packing and reorganizing, to the lifting and transport, moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience. Hiring a professional moving service can significantly lessen the stress of your relocation and has many benefits, including:

  • lowers the chances of your valuables being damaged or broken
  • lowers your risk of injury
  • your move will be faster and more efficient
  • a more cost-effective relocation

Professional Moving Company in Calgary

At Precision Movers, we have been providing affordable, quick, and professional moving services to our clients for over 30 years. Whether you’re downsizing your home to an apartment, or require specialized services such as luxury furniture moving, the team at our Calgary moving company can help make your relocation as quick and easy as possible.

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Are You a Single Parent? Here Are 6 Relocation Tips

The life of a single parent isn’t always easy, especially when you are planning a relocation. Whether you’re moving close by or across the country, hiring professional moving services can help ease the process and make your relocation safer and more affordable.

If you are moving by yourself, here are 6 relocation tips to make the transition smoother:

1. Plan in advance. The key to moving successfully, especially as a single parent, is to plan ahead. In general, three months should give you enough time to find a reliable local moving company, pack and prepare your new home, and complete all the paperwork involved with moving to a new school district.

2. Travel light. A relocation should begin with you decluttering your old home, so you have less things to move. This will drop your moving quite considerably so plan a yard sale for the things you want to sell or contact a charity organisation to donate any of your items. (3 Decluttering Tips When Moving Homes >)

3. Involve your kids. Playing a part in the moving process will help your child(ren) maintain a sense of control, which is crucial during times of major change. Depending on their age, try to include them in different tasks such as packing, arranging furniture, or even painting their new rooms. (How to prepare your child for a move >)

4. Save money during your move. Being a single parent can be a cause of financial worry so stick to a budget and cut back on any unnecessary expenses. For example: try to get reused cardboard boxes instead of buying new ones, use socks/towels/t-shirts instead of bubble wrap, and try to schedule your move for the winter or autumn.

5. Hire a professional moving service. Working with a local moving company can relieve yourself of any unnecessary pressure during your relocation, especially as a single parent who is juggling between office hours, housework, and 24/7 parenting. (Benefits of Hiring a Local Moving Company >)

6. Stay positive. Moving can be stressful and challenging, especially as a single parent but if you can maintain a happy, positive attitude, it will make it easier for your whole family. Remember: if you stay cool in the face of major change, your kids will likely follow suit.

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If you are a single parent and need help with your upcoming move, our team of experienced movers have the expertise to make your relocation as stress-free, quick, and easy as possible.


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