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Advice From A Moving Company: Avoid These Biggest Packing Mistakes

Advice From A Moving Company: Avoid These Biggest Packing Mistakes

Moving is a stressful time and there is nothing worse than getting into your new home, opening up a box, and finding broken glass, or that something delicate that has become squished and misshapen due to poor packing technique. Yes, proper packing has a technique!

Your belongings are valuable and of course getting an experienced moving company to pack everything for you is your best bet for the safe transportation of your items. But should you choose to do it yourself here is a list of the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Packing Like a Pro: What You Need to Know!

Packing up your home for a move may seem like an easy enough task: put things in a box and move it. But there are many small details along the way that can make your life a whole lot easier, or more difficult, on moving day. To avoid the headaches, here is a list of tips to level up your moving game:

  1. Get proper supplies. Uniform shapes and box sizes will make loading and stacking your moving truck much easier and more efficient. When you have boxes of different shapes and sizes, you risk things toppling over along the way.
  2. But first: Purge! Before the packing fun begins, it’s a good idea to go through your home and get rid of items that don’t need to come to the new home. Before the residential movers arrive, now is the perfect time to make trips to the recycle depot and the donations centre. If you don’t need it anymore, don’t bring it to your new place.
  3. Keep it light. One of the most common mistakes people make is packing their boxes too heavy. It seems like a good idea at the moment to have fewer boxes in the long run, but heavy boxes mean difficult lifts, and the added risk of the bottom possibly coming open. Put heavier items alone in smaller boxes and use the bigger boxes for multiple lighter objects.
  4. Don’t leave boxes too empty. Although you don’t want to pack too heavy, you also don’t want to leave boxes too empty. When you do, items can shift around and be more prone to breakage. Use proper packing materials to support things from shifting and sliding.
  5. Don’t skimp on the tape. Using 3-4 strips of good quality packing tape on the bottom of your boxes will ensure that the bottom won’t break open on moving day. Additionally, ensure that you close all box tops and tape them shut. It may be tempting to leave boxes open to try and squeeze a few more items in, but when it comes time to move you want everything properly closed for easy stacking.
  6. Stay ahead of the game. When people are getting ready to move it's common to not want to pack items you feel like you may ‘need’. Things like Grandma's salad bowl in the case you have people over and you really want to make a Caesar… you get the idea! Spend the two weeks before you move in each area of the house packing absolutely everything in it, with no exceptions, minus the few things you actually need day to day. There is nothing worse than when moving day arrives and you realize you still have a lot to pack in a panic! Don’t worry, Grandma’s salad bowl will be ready to unpack and use again in the new house!
  7. Pack smarter, not harder. When dealing with items that require disassembling, be sure to put every screw, allen key, and related hardware in a zip lock bag. Label it and tape it to the object it belongs to. If you don’t buy hanging closet moving boxes you can grab a handful of hangers with the clothing still on it, and gently wrap the hangers inside of the clothing. When you arrive at the new house you can unwrap the small bundles of clothes and hang them directly in the closet. 
  8. Clearly label your boxes. Whether or not you choose to employ professional moving services, your life will be so much easier if you properly label all boxes. Grab a big, black marker and write your name, the room, and what’s in the box on all four sides. Don’t forget to add helpful notes like “fragile”, “heavy”, or “upright” to avoid any issues. Bonus tip: Add some green painter’s tape to the boxes that you want to stand out as ‘open first’ boxes. Still label them with the same information as the other boxes, but this will be easier to identify as the boxes you will need to get into asap.

Expert Packing and Moving Services in Calgary

Moving doesn't have to be the stressful life event that it's made out to be. Keep things simple by bringing in the experts to do all of the packing and moving for you. From furniture assembly to heavy duty piano moving, Precision Movers is your professional, family-owned and operated, full service, residential and commercial moving company for over three decades in and around Calgary. To learn more about our packing and/or relocation services, call 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the website form below.


Q: Is it worth it to hire furniture movers?
A: While that classic episode of Friends where the couch gets stuck in the stairwell and ends up being sawed in half may be a bit over the top, unfortunately it is not completely uncommon! For your next move, wouldn’t it be great to hire professional movers in Calgary to take care of all your furniture moving? Some of the benefits are:

  • Save your paint, drywall and door casings from scratches, dents and holes.
  • Save time by letting the experts disassemble, move and reassemble all large and awkward furniture for you.
  • Save the life of your furniture by having it treated with kid gloves along the way.

Q: What are the most environmentally friendly packing and moving supplies?
A: Keep your pack and moving eco friendly by using these materials:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Instead of bubble wrap use otherwise discarded newspaper
  • Purchase  or rent reusable bins for packing
  • Donate and recycle as much as you can before and after your move

Q: Who does long distance moves from Calgary?
A: Precision Movers has been providing reliable long haul moving services out of Calgary and area for over thirty years. Contact our team for a quote for your move.

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