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Calgary Movers: Pack These 6 Items With Care

Are You Prepped To Pack Up?

The common-sense conventional wisdom concerning moving home items is straightforward: wrap items as securely as possible. This usually is interpreted to mean using as much newspaper, bubble wrap, and tape as possible.

However, your possessions have different shapes, composition, and sizes, so why should they all be packed in the same way? Did you know, for example, that fine china should not be packed in newspaper, or that pottery that is packed too tightly can be more prone to breakage?

Calgary movers at Precision have extensive relocation service experience and can outline a few key commonly-broken items and how best to pack them.

Our Calgary Movers Suggest Devoting Special Attention To Packing Six Key Items

Art: Framed Art And Sculptures

Art’s potential for causing moving disasters can be twofold: it can come with a high financial and sentimental value. Paintings and photography are usually framed or specially mounted. This frame can break during a move, and even puncture the artwork. Similarly, sculpture or glass art can also be incredibly delicate.

Art should be:

  • Carefully wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and plain news wrap
  • Padded on the corners
  • Packed with enough padding between them to ensure that they do not knock into each 
  • Packed away from anything that could puncture or crush the art

Dishes: Fine China and Glassware

If glassware is not packaged individually and stored snugly but not too tightly, it can easily be vulnerable to breakage. 

Homeowners should:

  • Invest in specialized packing boxes designed for dishware
  • Use plain newswrap rather than newspaper
  • Layer items carefully
  • Always mark the box “Fragile”


Many Calgary relocation services do not move plants due to their unique nature and fragility. We would suggest transporting smaller plans on your own trip to your new residence. If the plant is larger, carefully wrapping leaves or branches can help it from sustaining damage.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment like hockey sticks, bikes, or racquets can be breakable if they are snapped or twisted in the wrong way. Homeowners shouldn’t rely on the durability their equipment displays on the field, court, or rink. Equipment should be wrapped carefully and padded just like any other fragile item.


Electronics such as flat screen TVs can easily be crushed if they are insufficiently padded or stacked underneath other items. Expert Calgary relocation services often suggest homeowners pack their items in the original boxes whenever possible.


Heavy furniture can include safes, couches, and cabinets. These present a number of challenges. Heavy pieces are easily dropped and can become damaged or cause injury. Fine peices of furniture can cause damage, but are also vulnerable to damage themselves. When moving heavy or fine furniture, home owners should:

  • Measure all entrances and exits the piece will have to pass through
  • Use furniture blankets and skids to avoid damage
  • Adhere to proper safety measures and lifting techniques


When Is It Time To Hire A Calgary Moving Service?

Whether hiring a professional Calgary relocation service is the right option can depend on:

  • What items must be transported
  • What kind of special equipment that may need to be rented or purchased

Remember: To truly, safely be able to move heavy home furniture, homeowners should use the correct equipment, which includes:

  • Furniture blankets
  • A furniture dolly
  • Moving straps
  • Sliders
  • Proper safety gear such as gloves and footwear

Some homeowners who are particularly “handy” or physically able might opt to take on the task of moving all of their items and furniture on their own. Even in these cases, it is important to factor in the time required to complete these tasks when moving is already a hectic and overwhelming experience.

This is why many Calgary residents opt to look at the cost of hiring reputable and effective moving services.

Professional Calgary moving services:

  • Have professional-grade equipment
  • Are professionally trained and experienced in maneuvering large boxes and furniture
  • Treat your fragile items and valuables with care that is also backed up by technical expertise

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