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Calgary Moving Services - Hidden Expenses During House Moving

Nothing sets panic in motion like receiving a bill that is much higher than you initially anticipated. When you are moving you want to minimize as much stress as possible to ensure you simplify your move and also go easy on your wallet.

In this article we are going to discuss 3 questions you should ask your mover to avoid any hidden fees such as:

  1. What are transportation costs?
  2. Are there extra fees for hauling big, bulky items?
  3. What is your mover’s standard policy?

How Much Is Transportation?

Whether you are moving on your own, enlisting the help of friends and loved ones or hiring moving services to help you complete the laborious task of relocating, figure out out how much you will be spending on gas to complete your residential move. You will be spending some money on transportation no matter what option you decide on but decide if the cost of hiring residential moving services to haul all your things at once would be the much more cost effective and efficient way to complete your moving rather than making multiple trips back and forth.

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Where Do You Live?

Be sure to ask your movers if there are any costs associated with moving bigger pieces of furniture. A reputable company will be honest and upfront about their policies for those larger items. If you are moving to a building that requires you to walk up flights of stairs or take an elevator, be sure to also ask if there is an extra fee for moving these items for you up to your place.

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What Is Your Mover’s Policy?

Before you commit to hiring professional movers or simply asking friends and family to help you, ask what your potential moving services what their policies are. A Reputable residential moving service will be upfront and honest about their standard policies. This will give you an opportunity to ask specific questions pertaining to your move and to figure out what is truly involved during the relocation process. Moving services such as Precision Mover’s may also provide you with a no obligation free quote so that you do not feel pressured to book your move before you know how much the bill would approximately cost!

To find out more information about the various service Precision Mover’s may be able to offer you and to also receive your free no obligation quote today please call 403.540.4393 or visit our website and fill out a contact form

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