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You may be wary of hiring professional residential moving experts for reasons related to cost. However, while relocating on your own can seem like less of an expense at first, unanticipated or overlooked costs can quickly add up and create a more expensive moving experience than you anticipated. This is why it is important to weigh your options to figure out which moving methods suit your relocation needs best. If you are planning on moving furniture on your own, make sure you are fully aware of:

  • The costs of moving heavy and luxury furniture
  • The costs of physical labour associated with moving furniture
  • The additional costs of long-distance moving

Once you have created an overview of these costs, you will be able to more effectively compare the cost of moving in your own furniture to the prices of hiring affordable and experienced professional movers.

1. The Cost of Moving Heavy & Luxury Furniture

When you are moving heavy pieces of furniture or expensive luxury furniture, there can be certain costs that homeowners should make sure to include in their calculations:

  • Moving Van: You are going to need a vehicle that can accommodate large pieces of furniture which will immediately have a base rate to rent for your moving day.
  • Insurance: Some companies may require you to purchase insurance for your rental in the case of unexpected damage to the vehicle during your relocation.
  • Gas: You will have to consider how much gas the vehicle will use while transporting your belongings.

When you decide to enlist the help of relocation services, be sure to ask a residential moving expert about their policy for moving heavy and luxury furniture. Although there may be additional costs for those items, reputable moving services such as Precision Movers, who have been serving the Calgary area and western Canada for nearly 30 years, ensure that you are guaranteed:

  • Expert packing of all furnishings in preparation for your residential move
  • Furniture Disassembly & assembly on local and long distance relocations
  • Proper loading and unloading of furniture

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2. The Physical Labour Associated with Relocations

You need to consider the amount of physical labour that will be involved on your moving day. When you move on your own think about your personal circumstances such as

Time: Do you have the time to spend an entire day moving your belongings on your own?

Physical Health: Relocations can quickly become exhausting to run back and forth from your vehicle to your new home, especially if you live in a high rise or the top floor of a walk-up building. 

By considering residential moving services to help you relocate in, out, of or around the Calgary area, you may come across professional movers who may charge you an additional fee for having to haul your furniture and boxes past a certain distance. Relocation services such as Precision Mover’s will ensure you receive the highest quality of service by providing you with:

  • Free, no-obligation estimates on your entire move
  • Expertise in luxury, residential, commercial and safe moving

3. Expenses for Long Distance Residential Moving

If you have received an opportunity to relocate outside the Calgary area, moving all your belongings on your own, especially out of the city, can become costly if you consider the expenses of

Meals: If you’re embarking on a road trip you need to account for the costs of your meals. Although eating does not directly affect the cost of moving, the extra expense added can be costly.

Accommodations: If your relocation involves a long driving route, you may have to think about your sleeping arrangements in between destinations.

By hiring professional moving services you may pay an additional fee to help accommodate your long distance relocation. However, the extra investment to keep your peace of mind and ensure your belongings arrive safely is priceless. Most long-distance moving services are able to provide:

  • Expertise in packing furniture for longer trips
  • Skilled transportation services
  • Free estimates of the cost for your trip, whi

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To find out more information about the various services Precision Mover’s may be able to offer your local or long distance relocation, you can reach us at 403.540.4393 You can also visit our website and fill out a contact form if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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