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Calgary Moving Services Make Office Relocations Easy

Hiring Calgary movers helps your staff maintain productivity right up until moving day, and begin work in your a location without a hitch.

Whether your small business has grown too large for its starter location, you’re moving your company to a different neighborhood, or you’re downsizing for a more efficient and streamlined setup, office relocations can be part of an awesome new change in your company's future.

However, managers and owners are often concerned about:

  • How relocation will affect their business' relationships with their clients
  • Their employees’ productivity
  • The planning and logistics side of moving

Our veteran commercial moving service providers can outline the best way to carry out a commercial move. By following the advice of expert Calgary movers, you and your staff can:

  • Stay productive right up until moving day
  • Get to work in your new location right away


Tips For Commercial Moving Preparation In Calgary

Choose The Best Move Date

Most businesses do not want their work week interrupted by a move. Even if the entire commercial moving process goes smoothly, it can still be disruptive.

Consider the moving date carefully:

  • Weekends or long weekends can be a good choice
  • If the move will stretch over into a workday, scheduling a training/development workshop off-site for your staff
  • Permitting remote work on the moving day can allow your relocation to take place with zero drop in productivity

Pack strategically

Get the Non-Essentials Out of the Way

Items that are not essential to the day-to-day running of your business can include:

  • Older files
  • Decor items
  • Supplementary office supplies
  • Employees’ personal effects

Calgary moving experts suggest:

  • Packing these nonessentials first
  • Having your commercial service bring them to the new work location ahead of the main move-in date to avoid creating additional hassle or clutter

Keep Track of Valuables

Make sure to let your Calgary commercial moving service know if your office has any unique or valuable items, such as artwork or display pieces.

Our Calgary relocation service team suggests that you:

  • Label any boxes that you are packing for yourself
  • Create an inventory of high-value items, and make note of any existing damage

Treat Electronics With Care

Make sure to back up all hard drives, and wipe any obsolete computers or company phones that you are planning to recycle. Ask your Calgary movers for packing tips if you are planning on dismantling and packing the equipment yourself.

Pack and Unpack IT Items First

If your company has an IT department, talk to your Calgary moving service to ensure that the movers can bring the IT items first, and enable them to be unpacked first. This means that your IT setup can be put in place in your new location as soon as possible.


Working With Your Calgary Moving Service

Clearly, it’s best to meet and screen any Calgary movers before you choose them as your go-to moving service. However, even if you are a returning customer, it’s important to keep lines of communication open during the entire moving process.

This helps the moving process remain streamlined and organized, and allows any problems that do crop up to be resolved swiftly.

Discuss Your Unique Needs and Expectations

Calgary relocation services know that no two moves are alike and can work with clients to plan the optimal way to remove and set up furniture and items. The more detail you provide, the better your Calgary movers will be able to assist you.

Drawing up a floor plan of where you want the items placed in your new office space can ensure your new workspace is ready for use immediately.

Ensure You have a Point of Contact

Make sure that you designate an employee to be an emergency contact for your Calgary moving service, and that you have an emergency number in case there are any sudden changes in plans leading up to the move.

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