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Calgary Piano Movers: Tips For Moving Musical Instruments Of All Sizes

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Why take the chance of damaging a valued musical instrument when you can entrust it to an experienced Calgary moving service?

Why You Should Hire Calgary Piano Movers To Assist With Your Relocation

Musical instruments can be one of the most common casualties in a move. Unlike bookshelves or more solid furniture items, musical instruments are delicate, often hollow, and any damage to their shape or structure can have an impact on the way your playing sounds. And that’s without even going into the impact that damage can have on the value and beauty that many high-quality musical instruments are known for. Even if you’re planning to “DIY” most of your moving, it’s essential to hire the right Calgary professional movers to get your instrument from point A to point B safely.

In this post, we’ll go over several tips that will help you before, during, and after your move.

Calgary Professional Movers’ Tips on Packing Small To Medium Instruments

Packing an item correctly is the best way to prevent damage to your items. While sometimes it is impossible to prevent a moving van from driving over a bumpy area in the road, it is possible to prevent it from breaking your items.

When packing a musical instrument, your aim should be to prevent:

  • Scratches
  • Crushing/snapping of fragile parts
  • Jostling/shifting of certain parts of the instrument

Most small-to-medium sized instruments, like violins, guitars, horns, and even drum kits come with portable cased designed for musicians to use for carrying their items daily. The best way to transport your instrument is to simply place it carefully in one of these containers--the hard-shell containers protect better against accidental crush or drop damage--and fill the space between the item and the edges with packing peanuts.

If you have to transport your instrument in a box, our Calgary professional movers advise:

  • Selecting a box 2-4 inches larger than your instrument in all areas
  • Packing all around the instrument with crumpled paper or packing peanuts
  • Never storing more than one item in a box at a time

When packing small to medium instruments, it is key to pay attention to the corners, as these are a commonly damaged part of the instrument.


Calgary Piano Movers: The Best Option For Moving Large or Bulky Items

Pianos, harps, and other similar items require a strong degree of special care when moving.

This is because large musical instruments are:

  • Difficult to maneuver through doorways or down narrow stairways
  • Can easily scratch wood floors
  • Very delicate in terms of both their internal components as well as their exterior design
  • Can require an extensive amount of equipment to move securely, which can be time-consuming and costly to purchase for a one-time use

This is why for families in Calgary, professional movers are the best option. They save you time, money, and stress, and they allow you to focus on the larger aspects of your move.


After The Move: Tips From Calgary Piano Movers

Getting a musical instrument settled in your new home can be much more exciting than packing it up, but the process demands the same amount of care and attention. Professional piano movers who serve a wider area can help you unpack your instrument after a longer-distance move, ensuring that the set-up is just as efficient and smooth as the tear-down.

Our Calgary-based professional movers suggest:

  • Once the movers settle your piano in its new space, it can be beneficial to wait up to a month before having it tuned
  • Waiting up to 24 hours before playing your instrument after a move can allow it to settle


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