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How Professional Movers Can Help You Pack Your Items for Storage

Hiring professional movers to help organize and pack your things for storage can save you a lot of stress, frustration & unnecessary costs. 

Whether you are relocating, or simply don’t have enough space at home, hiring a temporary storage unit can have great uses including:

  • Safe, cost-effective protection for your possessions
  • Declutters your home for a faster, more efficient house sale  
  • Reduces stress and gives you a head start on the relocation process
  • Protects valuable and sentimental family items to be handed down to your children


Precision Movers Can Save You Storage Costs

At Precision Movers, we offer a wide range of relocation services including assembling/disassembling furniture, packing, and transport, to help get your belongings organized for storage and save you time, hassle and money. 


3 Tips on Preparing Your Belongings for Storage

Whether your possessions will be in storage for a several days, months, or a few years, making sure your things are safely placed within your unit and packaged well, will save you a lot of headache and frustration down the road.

Here are three tips from professional movers that will help you organize your unit:

Choose A Unit To Fit Your Needs

Whether you are using a stationary or portable storage unit, you want to make sure you select the appropriate size.

A unit that is too BIG will end up costing more

A unit that is too SMALL will make it difficult for you to fit everything in.

If choosing the right size unit seems a little complicated, talk to a professional moving service. Their team of movers can tell you approximately what size you’ll need based on what you plan to store.

Pack Wisely

Make sure to:

  • Label all your boxes
  • Use bubble wrap for the more fragile items
  • Leave anything perishable/flammable out of your unit
  • Take extra precautions such as taking the batteries out of your devices & draining your machinery of fuel to keep your things safe

Depending on which relocation service you use, your moving company may have certain storage restrictions.

Be sure to ask them about their regulations before putting any items in the unit.

Long Term and Short Term Storage


When packing your belongings, you want to make sure you protect them from damage while they are in transit, and in your storage unit.

Know Where Everything Is

For total peace of mind, you should create a diagram showing where everything in your storage unit is. This will save you time if you ever need to retrieve an item.

If you are planning on keeping only some of your possessions in storage, make sure you have a list of everything you have in your unit so you what’s there and what is still in your home.

How a Professional Mover Can Help You Pack Your Items for Storage

When it comes to setting up your storage unit, making sure your things are packed correctly and protected is one of the first steps in ensuring a smooth, stress-free process.

Hiring a professional relocation service to help pack your items can have many benefits including:

  • Experienced movers will ensure all furniture is taken apart, properly wrapped, and secured using padding & protective wrapping.
  • Your boxes will be labeled so as to avoid any confusion in the future.
  • Lower risk of injury when moving larger furniture and appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and/or dryers.
  • Self-packing can take several days. Professional movers can have you packed and ready in a much shorter time period.
  • Less risk of items being damaged or broken during transit or while in the storage unit.
  • Many moving services offer specialty packing, to protect your more fragile items such as artwork, mirrors, instruments and other breakables.


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