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How To Help Your Child Cope With a Move

You’re starting a new career in a different city or simply need the relocation to be closer to other loved ones but your child is taking the move very personally. All children cope differently, some will show excitement while others may dread moving at all which is all right and a normal expectation when it comes to moving.

In this article we are going to discuss 3 tips you should keep in mind to help your child cope with your relocation:

  1. Take Them House Hunting
  2. Keeping Contact
  3. Make them feel loved

House Hunting

Make your child a part of the process! They will be living there after all. Allow them to feel like they have some say in the decision making. Let them explore the potential new homes with you, pick out their room(s). Moving becomes so much easier if your child can visualize their new house and this creates the opportunity to feel more excitement than sadness since they will too busy planning how they want to set everything up in their space. If you are going to live close to any amenities your child will enjoy, show them these spots as well so your child can start associating this new house as their home so the moving process can start off on the right foot!

Stay In Touch

Missing friends, neighbours or classmates is completely understandable especially if you’re moving out of the Calgary area where your child will not be able to easily see their old friends. Provide your child with an address book to ask their classmates for phone numbers, emails and other personal contact information. Depending on the age of your child, gauge if it would be best for you to ask their parents instead but definitely emphasize to your child that it is still possible to contact their friends whether it is through the phone, email or perhaps visiting one another every once in awhile! If your child is having difficulty coping consider seeking the services of movers so you can focus more on their needs and concerns and ease some of your stress about the relocation!

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Love Is Important

Whether your child is having anxiety about moving or is going to miss their friends, assure them that they are loved and you only have their best interest in mind. A great way to relieve the pressure off you and your child is to simply ask friends for help or hire residential movers.

If you choose to use relocation services to help with your residential move, reputable businesses such as Precision Mover’s who have been serving the Calgary area for over 30 years understand how important it is to properly pack and move belongings ensuring your satisfaction whether you are staying local or moving out of Calgary. This gives you more time to focus on the more important aspects of your life and make your child feel more at ease.

To find out more information about the various services Precision Mover’s may be able to offer you and your family please call 403.540.4393 or visit our website and fill out a contact form to receive a free, no obligation quote today!

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