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How To Organize And Prepare For Your Commercial Move

How To Organize And Prepare For Your Commercial Move

Businesses that are planning an office move should take the time to think about how to best prepare for this transition. Moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming. The transition must be as seamless as possible so you can resume your regular business activities right away. Whether you have a small office with only a few employees or a multi-story office building with hundreds of employees, pre-planning, following some good moving practices, and hiring a commercial moving company will make your office move go more smoothly. To help you prepare, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help in packing your office supplies, electronics, furniture, and equipment to ensure your items arrive safely for setting up in your new office. 

5 Tips To Help Your Commercial Move Go Smoothly

Communicate With Your Employees

Before you even begin packing and organizing your supplies, you must first communicate with your employees about the move. For many of your employees, their work life and location are an integral part of what makes their lifestyles easier. Some of your employees may be dependent on public transportation to get to and from work. They will want to know if they are able to still rely on this form of transportation, or they may have to think about alternate ways to get to work at the new location. By communicating with your employees, you will relieve a lot of stress and uncertainty that they may have. This will also make the move much easier as it will give them time to prepare and organize themselves for a smoother, hassle-free transition. 

Purge Unnecessary Office Items 

As you begin packing your office up, go through every drawer, file cabinet, and any storage you may have. Purge items that you will not need to bring to your new location. Discarding old files, garbage, and anything else that you will not need to help you pack lighter and stay organized. 

Label And Organize Your Boxes

Let your employees be responsible for packing their own personal office contents and supplies.  This will help reduce the time and effort you will need to pack and will keep the office organized. Make sure you are labelling boxes as you go so they will be easy to identify at your new location. There is nothing worse than having to dig through many boxes just to find one single item. Labelling your boxes will reduce a lot of headaches in the future. For breakable objects like glassware, wrap them with bubble wrap or packing paper while carefully placing them in labelled “fragile” boxes. 

Pack Your Electronics

Before you begin unplugging computers, fax machines, and printers, take a picture of how the wires are set up so you have a reference to accurately set them up in your new office. Also, consider backing up all of your computers to an external drive in case anything were to happen to them during the move. When packing computer parts, ensure you are using anti-static bubble wrap to protect the wiring from being damaged by static electricity. Pack the wiring in the same box as the computer it is designated for so you can stay organized and not have to worry about losing cords. 

Hire A Commercial Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company to assist with your commercial move will save you time, money, and hassles. Commercial movers are equipped to handle and correctly organize your office so you can stay focussed on other more important aspects of your business. Hiring office movers will make sure everything is carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Professional movers also have the manpower and equipment to handle larger office items such as furniture and large equipment. Moving these items can be dangerous and without proper moving practices, they can easily be damaged. Having professional movers on your side will allow you to move your business without overlooking any important aspects. They will pay attention to minor details such as cables or miscellaneous items that you may have easily forgotten about.

Calgary’s Most Trusted Commercial Moving Company

Between finding a new office space, balancing budgets, and managing employees, there are so many things to be considered that relocating your office space can be extremely complicated. Hiring a commercial moving company will take a lot of the stress off of your plate so you can focus on your business. Knowing that someone has a handle on all of these moving parts will help alleviate stress and keep the process on track.

Precision Movers provides free, no-obligation quotes for your next move in Calgary and the surrounding area. We can help alleviate your stress when it comes to moving with our highly-trusted professional moving team. Contact us by calling 403-540-4393 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: Do professional movers know how to correctly pack and assemble computers and other electronics?
A: Commercial movers know how to efficiently organize and pack up your electronics so you do not have to worry about cables going missing or computers being broken. They will also be able to help set up your electronics where needed in your new office space.

Q: Will professional movers be able to disassemble and reassemble furniture?
A: At Precision Movers, we are able to disassemble and reassemble all of your office furniture.

Q: How long in advance should I start preparing for my office move?
A: Depending on how large your company is and how many employees and equipment you have, you should start organizing and planning for the move at least three months in advance. 

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