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How To Pack Your Child’s Room

Moving is stressful for the whole family. But when you have children, the process of moving presents extra challenges and considerations.  In order to keep family life flowing smoothly, preserve routines, and avoid disruptions for your little ones, you will likely leave the boxing up of your children’s room until the final days of packing. Be prepared with an efficient and well-thought-out plan to make packing up your child’s space as easy as possible.

A Packing Plan For Your Family

The entire process of moving is time-consuming, disorderly, disruptive, and inconvenient. Room-by-room, you are packing up your whole life into cardboard containers. And packing is just the beginning. Once you arrive at your location, you need to complete the entire operation in reverse; setting up your life in a way that works for your family in your new home. Your children are along for the ride and making sure they feel involved can ease the transition. These tips for packing your child’s room will minimize hassle and ensure your little one is impacted as little as possible:

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Packing With Kids

Take the time to clean up: It is definitely easier to pack up a room that is clean and organized. Designating a couple of hours on a day prior to packing to make sure books are on the shelf, lego blocks are in the bin, and crayons are in the box. Dust all surfaces and make sure sticky fingerprints are wiped away. Starting with a tidy room will make your job so much simpler.

Declutter and Purge: Involve your kids in sorting and paring down the items in their room. Gather toys, games, and books that are no longer used to give away or donate. Of course, toys are no more loved than when a child is faced with no longer having them. Reassure kids that donating their toys means another child will have the opportunity to enjoy them just like they once did. Sort through clothes and shoes and donate or sell the items that your child has outgrown. Recycle or dispose of items that are damaged or worn out.

Prepare a “My Moving Adventure Box”: Include items your child will need in the final days at your new home, as you move, and in your new home once you arrive. This should include essential items like a toothbrush and toothpaste, medications, a few changes of clothing (don’t forget socks, undies, and PJs), some non-perishable snacks, some wet wipes and of course, hand sanitizer. Add in a couple of favourite books, games, and toys and don’t forget comfort items like a treasured blankie or stuffie. Even consider adding a new toy or activity book to engage or distract your child if necessary.

Make Packing Fun and Keep Kids Involved: This can be a tricky concept, depending on the age of your child. Every parent knows that involving your kids in a simple task can often turn a quick chore into a drawn-out, tear-filled, full-blown military operation. But finding ways to engage your children as you move will create excitement, foster an understanding of the process, and instill a sense of pride in their contribution. Considering the age and ability of your child try things like:

Turn Packing into a Game: Free throw stuffies into boxes or create competitions like who can pack a box the fastest.

Turn Up The Tunes: Turn on your favourite playlist and sing along while you pack.

Turn It Into Art: Let your kids write their name, attach stickers, create labels, and colour their own boxes. This might even buy you a few minutes of peace to box up some harder-to-pack items.

Offer Rewards: There is nothing like the promise of a trip to the ice cream shop or some coveted screen time when the job is done to motivate your little ones.

Your Partners in Residential Moving

With a well-planned strategy for tackling the task of picking up a child’s room, you can be well prepared, ease the transition and minimize stress for you and your little one as you move to a new home. Allowing yourself the time to prepare before you even start to box up your child’s belongings is key. Purging so you are packing only the most loved and necessary items to move with you will save you money and time unpacking. Assembling an “essentials box” will guarantee that you and your child/children have everything at hand in the midst of the chaotic days of moving. And with some thoughtful considerations, you and your child/children will be best prepared to begin your next adventure from your new home base. You have done everything you can to take care of your child throughout the stressful process of moving. And if you are seeking the services of competent moving professionals to assist you in relocating to a new home, contact Precision Movers Ltd. Our team of experienced and friendly movers offers custom packages for packing and moving with our promise to simplify your transition, safeguard your belongings, and exceed your expectations. Connect with our Calgary office for your local or cross-province move today.

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Where can I get packing supplies? Boxes can be gathered from various retailers and wholesalers in your area. But to ensure that your boxes are sturdy enough to hold and protect your child’s belongings consider buying at least some of your boxes from a reputable moving company like Precision Movers. Many moving companies will even rent you durable plastic bins for your move.

Should I leave my child’s clothing in their dresser drawers for moving? We recommend removing all clothing items from dressers. Clothing can make dressers heavier and more cumbersome and could become snagged or damaged if dressers are tipped or jostled during moving. It is best to protect your clothing by packing it in clean, lined cardboard boxes or sturdy plastic moving bins.

Will a moving company move boxes I pack myself? At Precision Moving Ltd we can customize a moving package for you that includes complete or partial packing and moving services. If you wish to pack yourself, make sure you follow your moving companies guidelines for packing. As long as a box is securely packed, closed, and labeled your moving company can load it into the moving truck. (Even if it is covered with stickers, children’s handwriting, and colourful crayon designs!)


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