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How To Pack Your Kitchen For Moving

The kitchen might be the hardest room to pack when you are preparing to move. So many drawers and cupboards. Large appliances and little teaspoons. Objects of all shapes and sizes- and the food too! 

The items in your kitchen are likely some of the final things you will need before moving and the first things you will need to access when you arrive at your new home. An organized and methodical system for boxing up the heart of your home can safeguard your belongings and ease some of the stress of moving households.

A Packing Plan Can Help

Taking the time to organize your kitchen and formulate a productive plan will make the task of packing, moving, and unpacking easier and ensure you have easy access to the items you need. Follow our step-by-step instructions for packing your kitchen and make the process as stress-free as possible:

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Pack Smart

Sort and Purge: Take the time to sort through your drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and pantry. Take the opportunity to gift, donate, or sell items that you no longer use so you're not moving unneeded items into your new space. 

Evaluate and Plan: Now that you know you will pack everything remaining, formulate a plan for how things will be organized in your new kitchen. If glassware and plateware will be in the same cupboard, prepare to pack these together. 

Prepare a Necessities Kit: Include the items you will need for your last few days in your current kitchen and the first few days in your new home. This might include-

  • A place setting for each family member
  • Essential appliances like a coffee maker or toaster
  • One multi-purpose pot or pan
  • An all-purpose knife
  • Dish soap and a multi-surface cleaner
  • Dishcloths, dish towels, and napkins or paper towels
  • Salt and pepper or other favourite condiments

Gather Packing Materials: You will need-

  • A variety of boxes in different sizes (large for lightweight, medium for small appliances and pots and pans, heavy-duty for weighty and fragile items)
  • Paper, plastic or eco-foam for wrapping fragile items
  • Divided or cell packing containers for items like glasses or vases
  • Coolers for refrigerated items
  • Baskets for cleaning supplies
  • Packing tape, labels, marking pens

Pack Items That are Seldom Used: Pack the things you do not use every day. This may include seasonal dishes, cookbooks, vases and decor, BBQ utensils, and baking supplies.

Pack Your Drawers: Consider compartmentalizing cutlery and other utensils with smaller boxes, zip-close bags, rubber bands, or even by wrapping each type in an extra dish towel. Although these are often not fragile, keeping the contents organized if they are jostled during moving saves you time sorting soup spoons from teaspoons when you unpack. And make sure you get rid of non-essential junk from the notorious junk drawer.

Pack Your Dishes: Take your time with this step making sure that your fragile plates, bowls, and glassware are secure and protected. Consider using extra packing materials or even miscellaneous smaller items to ensure your dishes won’t shift within the box.

Pack Your Pots and Pans: Most pots and pans are sturdy and durable and don’t require the same care as other kitchen items. Nestle pots together and stack pans, ensuring your box doesn’t get too heavy. But take care with glass lids ensuring you protect them with packing material within the box.

Pack Your Pantry: Start with unopened and sealed bottles and jars. Check for expiry dates and leaky packaging. Consider the cost of moving food items vs buying new at your new location. Whatever you decide you take should be securely sealed, taped, or placed in zipper bags to avoid spills.

Pack Your Fridge: This is one of the very last things to do before you leave. Ensure you have coolers and plastic bins to move perishables. Bring only what you need for your Necessities Kit or items not easily replaced. Really consider whether bringing a half-full jar of mustard is the wisest decision!

Prepare Your Appliances: Small appliances like blenders, crockpots, and coffee makers should be placed in their original boxes when possible. If not, select suitable boxes and pack them with manuals and accessories. If you are moving large appliances, you should consider calling a professional to ensure that disconnection is performed correctly and they are protected from damage.

Double Check: When you have finished packing your kitchen, take a few moments to re-check drawers and cupboards. Make sure you haven’t missed a cupboard you rarely open and double-check that nothing has slipped behind a drawer or into the dark recesses of a corner cabinet.

Your Partners in Residential Moving

With a well-planned strategy for packing your kitchen, you can feel confident your belongings will arrive undamaged and ready to be efficiently arranged in your new kitchen. And by taking the time to thoughtfully plan your packing you can ensure you have access to the essentials needed to care for your family in the few days prior to moving and once you have arrived. But if you are seeking the services of competent moving professionals to ease the transition and alleviate the stress and time pressures of residential move, contact Precision Movers Ltd. Our team of experienced and friendly movers can assist in your relocation, safeguard your belongings, and exceed your expectations. Connect with our Calgary office for your local or cross-province move today.


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To find out more about our residential and commercial moving and storage services, and how our professional Calgary movers can help you save time and money during your next relocation, visit us at Precision Movers Ltd. 8-4040 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4E6. Or you can contact us by calling 403-540-4393 or by filling out our online contact form.



Where can I get packing supplies?

Boxes can be gathered from various retailers and wholesalers in your area. But to ensure that your boxes are sturdy enough to hold and protect your belongings consider buying at least some of your boxes from a reputable moving company like Precision Movers. Many moving companies will even rent you durable plastic bins for your move. The last thing you want is for your late grandmother’s china to fall through the bottom of a cheap cardboard box.

I want to bring the fridge from my old house to my new home. Can I do this?

It is definitely possible to move large appliances to your new home, but these do require some extra considerations. Appliances like fridges with water connections for ice and dispensers and gas-powered appliances like stoves need to be disconnected correctly and packed safely to avoid catastrophic damages. An experienced moving company Like Precision Movers Ltd, can arrange to have your large appliances disconnected safely and moved to your new home with no damage.

Will a moving company move boxes I pack myself?

At Precision Moving Ltd we can customize a moving package for you that includes complete or partial packing and moving services. If you wish to pack yourself, make sure you follow your moving companies guidelines for packing. As long as a box is securely packed, closed, and labelled your moving company can load it into the moving truck.

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