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How to Avoid a Rogue Moving Company

Finding the right professional movers is a crucial step in any relocation process. Here’s how to avoid rogue movers and find yourself the right relocation company. 

One of the most crucial aspects of a relocation is proper planning. Taking the time to plan all aspects of your move from getting a quote to organising storage is essential for a smooth and seamless procedure.

Failing to do so can lead to many undesirable consequences such as:

  • lost or damaged items
  • higher relocation costs
  • longer moving times
  • higher risk of injury

Professional Movers


How to Protect Yourself From Rogue Movers

Hiring professional movers will ensure a smooth and efficient relocation process and will keep your possessions safe leading to a much more cost-effective and quicker alternative than try to do it yourself.

However, you must be careful when selecting a moving company to work with because making the wrong decision can have many unfortunate consequences such as high costs and lost items.

Here are 6 warning signs you’re dealing with rogue movers:

  1. There’s a sudden price hike. One of the ways rogue movers entice clients is cheap prices. But once you’ve signed the deal with them and they transport your items to your new home, they’ll inflate the final cost. You’ll be shocked to see how much extra charges and hidden fees can add up.

  2. They ask for a huge cash deposit. If the relocation company is asking for a huge deposit before moving your items, chances are they aren’t professional movers. It could also be an indication of poor service as the company might be trying to rip you off before you realize their poor performance strategy.
    Costs Of Hiring A Mover

  3. They hold your items hostage. One of the worst things rogue movers do is hold your items hostage until you pay up the unexpected extra charges. They’ll refuse to unload your belongings until you pay up out of frustration.

  4. They offer blanket insurance cover. If a moving company offers you insurance, there are limits to what it can provide. If movers are offering you blanket insurance to cover all your items and asking you to only buy their insurance, odds are you’re being scammed.

  5. They give you a quote without an inspection. You can tell if a moving company is rogue when they send you a quote without physical inspection of the things to be moved. ALWAYS remember that before you receive a quotation, a complete and well-detailed inspection should take place. This is the only way a mover knows the right cost that you’ll have to pay.
    Getting An Accurate Quote

  6. References are vague. If the movers are unable to give you any previous references about their services, or if they are not recommended by your family or friends, then you should be aware that you might be dealing with rogue movers.


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