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How to Find The Right Storage Unit For Your Needs

Do you require a short-term storage unit for your upcoming move in Calgary? Here are some simple and practical tips on finding the right sized storage unit for your needs. 

Whether you are relocating, or you simply don’t have enough space at home, renting out a storage unit can provide many benefits. Such a unit will: 

  • Allow you to declutter your home for a faster move and home sale
  • Give your professional movers the space t work faster and more efficiently 
  • Provide you with a safe and cost-effective place to keep your possessions 
  • Give you a place to keep any valuable family antiques to be handed down to your children/grandchildren 
  • Lower your stress level and give you a head start on the relocation process 

Our Calgary Movers Can Help With All Your Relocation and Storage Needs

Are you looking for a short-term storage unit? Do you need professional piano and organ moving services for your relocation? Whatever your moving needs, our professional Calgary movers have the tools, experience, and knowledge to make your relocation as smooth, cost-effective, and easy as possible. 

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How to Find The Right Storage Unit For Your Needs 

Are you looking for a storage unit? Before you call the storage facility to reserve a unit, it’s imperative that you choose the right self-storage unit. This is important because renting a unit that is too small could damage your belongings, but opting for one that is too big means that you’ll be wasting money. 

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect storage unit for your needs: 

  1. Take inventory: Before you pick a storage unit, take inventory of what you’re storing and estimate your needs by square footage or number of rooms you’ll be storing. This will be a basic guide to how much storage you require. 

  2. How long are you planning on storing your items? Depending on whether you’re looking for a long term or short term storage unit, it may be important to provide space for ventilation and access. When storing belongings for the short-term, it’s okay to pack them together, but if you’re keeping your items in a unit for the long term, then you need extra space for ventilation and also a walkway so you can access your items. 

  3. Price: Price is a big consideration when looking at storage units. If you’re storing things that don’t hold sentimental value for you, or that won’t be too expensive to replace, then you can use the least expensive unit that is large enough. However, if you have expensive and delicate items, you may want to spend more money on a secure facility and a good climate-control unit to avoid any damage to your belongings. 

  4. Access: Another important point about choosing a storage unit is access. Some facilities have 24-hour access to outdoor units, but indoor ones can only be accessed during business hours. If convenience is important, make sure to rent a unit you can access as needed. 

Picking a Storage Unit Size: Your Basic Guide 

If you are struggling with finding the right storage unit size for your needs, here as some typical storage unit sizes and some information on what they can hold: 

  1. 5 x 5 Unit: This will hold a small mattress and box springs, a dresser, boxes, and some smaller items. You can use this for Christmas decorations or even gardening equipment. 
  2. 5 x 10 Unit: This can hold furniture from a single bedroom, such as a TV, Queen-Sized bed, dressers, and some boxes. 
  3. 10 x 10 Unit: You can store things here from two bedrooms or a family room
  4. 10 x 15 Unit: This will store contents of three bedrooms or other big items such as a large-screen TV, couches, pianos, and tables. 
  5. 10 x 20 Unit: You can hold contents here of a four or five bedroom home, including kitchen appliances, large boxes, and washer/dryer. 
  6. 10 x 30 Unit: This is big enough for a seven bedroom house, including outdoor equipment, appliances, couches, and even an entertainment centre. 

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