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Make Your Residential Move Easy With These 6 Tips

Whether you are relocating your home or office, moving and its accompanying chores can become overwhelming. However, moving doesn’t have to be such a big, daunting task.

Regardless of if you decide to move yourself or hire a moving services company, the more time you spend planning your relocation, the less chaotic it will be.

6 Easy Tricks To Help You Simplify That Big Move

  1. Hire a Professional Mover

Hiring a professional mover is the best way to ensure a seamless, stress-free relocation. At Precision Movers, we offer specialized residential moving services including:

Our highly-trained team of Calgary movers have the experience and knowledge to pack and handle your valuables, saving you time and money while ensuring that all your possessions are kept safe.

  1. Sell or Donate Unused Clothes & Household Items

Moving is a great time to ‘clean house.’ Whether you stage a garage sale, list items on eBay and Craigslist or donate it all to your favorite charity, decluttering before a residential move means that you will have less to transport, saving you both time and money.

  1. Start Packing Early

Waiting until the very last minute to start packing is a recipe for disaster and will make your move infinitely more stressful and chaotic. Start with the least-used items (such as decorative and seasonal items), saving the essential items for the very end.

Remember to number all of your boxes and record the total so you’ll know whether one goes missing.

  1. Mark Each Box By Destination

Whether you are hiring professional movers or choose to move yourself, marking each box according to where it should go in your new home (e.g. kitchen, living room or bedroom) will help you locate items more quickly and make unpacking easier.

  1. Practice Safe Moving Habits

Relocating involves loading and unloading of heavy boxes, furniture, and appliances and if not done correctly, serious injuries are a possibility, delaying your move and adding to your expenses.

Our Calgary movers have the right equipment and technique to move heavy and fragile furniture safely, keeping both you and your valuables safe.

  1. Pack Correctly

Even though packing boxes for a residential move sounds like a simple task, there is a right and wrong way of doing it. Packing a box correctly ensures that none of the items it contains will be broken or damaged during transportation.


  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top
  • Reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape so that items won’t fall through.
  • Fill in the empty spaces of the box with fabric (clothes, dish towels) or bubble wrap to ensure that items don’t shift during a move
  • Make sure the boxes are no heavier than 20 kgs. Not only will this make them easier to lift but also makes it less likely that it will tear or give way at the bottom.

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For more information on how our Calgary moving service can help make your relocation simple and easy, call our office at 403-540-4393.

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