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Moving Offices? Here's What You Need to Know for a Successful Relocation

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Is your company or business setting up shop somewhere new soon? Have they put you in charge of overseeing everything? Wow, that's a lot of responsibility. I'm sure they chose you because you're extremely organized and can be counted on to get the job done. Here are some tips to help you do so courtesy of our office movers in Calgary.

Moving offices can be an extremely nerve-racking experience. Especially if you're the one who's been put in charge of overseeing everything. With so much to coordinate and so many different things to keep track of, things can become very overwhelming fast. Luckily our Calgary office moving experts have some sage advice to help you through this hectic yet exciting time.

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What You Need to Know for a Successful Office Move

With the current high vacancy rates in downtown Calgary, there's never been a better time to move on up much like the Jeffersons did back in the '70s. Building owners are offering extremely enticing incentives to try and lure new tenants into their offices and companies are responding by picking up shop and relocating downtown so they can take advantage of the offers on tap. 

If your company or business falls into this category and you've now been tasked with overseeing the move, here are some fundamentally basic tips to help see you through the process.

Plan well in advance

If you've been put in charge of your company's office move, hopefully you've been given plenty of forewarning. Because you're going to need it. Ideally, you should have about six months to start planning for moving day. With three months to go before your business moves, you'll want to have all the logistics pretty much figured out. This is definitely one of those projects you don't want to be behind the eight ball on, as the chances of something going wrong increase exponentially if you are.

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Do your research

You'll want to compile a shortlist of office movers in Calgary and thoroughly vet them before selecting one. Ask your friends and colleagues for any recommendations they might have, head online and check their reviews, and once you've narrowed things down to one or two moving companies that specialize in commercial moving, call them and ask for their references. 

Another step at this stage is ensuring the movers you're considering have adequate insurance and liability coverage. Ask them for copies of their policies and make sure they haven't lapsed. The last thing you want to be on the hook for is lost or damaged company property, or heaven forbid, a hurt mover who doesn't have WCB coverage.



Seeing as you're the person in charge, you need to learn how to delegate. Otherwise, you'll find yourself quickly overwhelmed. Don't be afraid of stepping on some toes at this stage of the project. In the end, your coworkers won't be held responsible if things go wrong come moving day. You will.

One way you can delegate tasks is by breaking things up by department. Put one person in charge of overseeing their respective department and make sure they accomplish what you need to get done.

Make sure your colleagues have their own moving materials

One surefire way to anger all your colleagues is to lose their personal belongings or favourite office supplies during the move. However, this can be easily avoided by giving each employee their own personal moving materials. This way they can pack up all their stuff within their own boxes or packages, so when everything gets unloaded at the new office they won't have to go hunting for them. And if their stuff does get lost, that's why you hired movers with proper insurance. Just make sure each employee catalogues everything of value they've packed up. That way it'll be easy to deal with the insurance company if anything does go wrong.

Don't sweat the small stuff come moving day

Inevitably, not everything will go as planned come moving day. With so much going on you need to make sure you keep your eye on the prize and don't sweat the small hiccups that will surely arise. Try to navigate the day by being on top of everything you can control, and by understanding there will be things out of your control that you can't lose your focus over. Make a list of everything that didn't go as seamlessly as you would have hoped, and be sure to address them with your movers or colleagues at a later date.

While it's going to be a somewhat stressful day, try to enjoy it as much as you can by embracing the excitement and chaos moving day brings with it. You've worked so hard and planned so much leading up to the big move, you might as well have a little fun now that the day is finally here.

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