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Moving a Safe


When it comes to your belongings, keeping them as safe and secure as possible should be a top priority. This is why safes are a great investment to ensure the safety, security and privacy of those valuables. However, when you’re in the middle of a relocation, it can be troublesome to move heavy furniture items such as a safe. If during your moving process you incorrectly handle your heavy furniture you may:

  • Put physical strain on your body
  • Potentially damaging your furniture while you are moving it
  • Damaging walls and floors during the moving process

With opportunity abundant to potentially create a difficult moving experience it is important to consider how you can safely but efficiently move your heavy belongings such as a safe or furniture.

Have the Equipment Needed For Moving Heavy Furniture

Items like safes vary in size, weight and dimension. Knowing the characteristics of your heavy safe and furniture helps you successfully move these items out of your home into your new space. You may require:

  • A heavy-duty appliance dolly
  • Durable supporting straps
  • A loading ramp

The presence of may be both necessary and extremely helpful to ensure moving your safe and furniture is done efficiently and correctly.

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Plan Out The Exit Route For Your Heavy Belongings

This is a situation where preparation will be extremely handy. Without proper planning you can potentially run into a few problems such as

  • Injuring yourself or your loved ones in the process of moving
  • Damaging the safe or furniture
  • Damaging walls or flooring

By planning out your exit strategy you minimize the potential of running into problems while moving your heavy safe and furniture. You also ensure your safety and the safety of those around you helping you transport your belongings.

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Enlist The Help of Professional Movers

People sometimes underestimate the risks of moving a heavy object such as a safe. To avoid expenses, they avoid hiring professional movers. It is true that moving with family and friends can help you move quickly and allow you to spend quality time together. However, individuals who are not trained to move heavy belongings can risk injuring themselves or damaging their home or belongings even if they work in a group.

If you are financially capable, sometimes the best thing to do is relieve yourself of the daunting task of packing and moving by leaving it up to the professionals who will not only move your safe and heavy furniture but the rest of your home as well. Reputable moving companies such Precision Mover’s who have been serving the Calgary area for nearly 30 years are able to provide their clients with services such as

  • Commercial & residential moving
  • Luxury Furniture moving
  • Piano & organ moving
  • Safe moving

By leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals, you relieve yourself of the stress and physical strain of doing it yourself and by hiring professional movers like Precision Mover’s you ensure that your belongings are properly packed and efficiently moved using the safest methods with trained experts ensuring your belongings arrive safely to your new home.

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To find out how Precision Movers can help you you move your heavy furniture or to receive a free no-obligation quote today, please call 403.540.4393 or visit our website and fill out a contact form.

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