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Safety Tips For Your Next Move

Safety Tips For Your Next Move

Moving is usually perceived as an exciting event heralding a new chapter in your life. Amidst all the commotion, safety precautions often become an afterthought. 

This is unfortunate, as injuries tend to happen when we least expect it. A move can be a surprisingly unsafe activity, with all the back-breaking boxes being hauled back and forth and debris on the floor just waiting to trip you over.

If this is your first big move, learning about safety tips is essential. This includes having a foolproof plan in place to move the heaviest furniture and appliances and being in good condition for some intense physical activity. You do not want to be injured before your next chapter has even started.

Alternatively, you can also contact a moving company to take care of the move for you. For all relocations in Calgary and its surroundings, Precision Movers can help. As our name suggests, we take pride in our ability to move any object一no matter how cumbersome or fragile一to its destination with an unmatched combination of efficiency and care.

Moving Without Hurting Yourself 

Moving can be more dangerous than you think. This is especially true if you have to transport heavy objects like fridges, TVs, pianos, and fish tanks. While we always recommend enlisting a professional moving service to transport the most difficult items, we also understand that many people prefer to do their moving by themselves. 

If you are planning to move solo, consider these tips to keep yourself safe:

Keep your boxes light: Overloading your boxes to save on trips is a surefire way to injure your back, knees, or joints. As a rule of thumb, small boxes should not exceed 20kg in weight, medium boxes 30kg, and large boxes 35kg. Consider using a dolly for boxes heavier than 20kg. 

Wrap your knives and other sharp objects: Sharp objects like knives, utensils, and gardening supplies should be carefully packaged in multiple layers of cloth or bubble wrap. You do not have to worry about cutting yourself during the unpacking if you keep these dangerous tools wrapped up. 

Dress for work: Moving day is not the time to look stylish. Ditch your tight dress shirt and sandals for a breathable t-shirt and a sturdy pair of sneakers. For upper garments, prioritize flexibility and comfort. Shoes should provide a combination of comfort, balance, and mobility. Do, however, avoid excessively baggy clothing, as it could impede your movement or get caught in things. 

Be in good physical condition: Moving can be just as taxing as the most intense of sports. Make sure to schedule your move on a day you know you will be at your peak condition. If you are feeling unwell, do not hesitate to postpone your move or call a professional relocation service to help you out. Going through the move while you are not at your maximum increases the risks of injury. 

Lift with proper form: Good posture when lifting heavy objects is crucial for avoiding injury. This means keeping your spine straight when carrying something and bending at your knees when picking up things from the ground. Contact a moving service if you have heavy objects to move and are not familiar with proper lifting techniques. 

Use moving equipment: Moving equipment like dollies, rubber moving bands, and even wheelbarrows can make heavy or cumbersome objects easier to transport, reducing the risk of injury. 

Rest often: Your move is not a race against the clock. Take frequent breaks to ensure your body is well-rested at all times; straining your muscles over a long period of time can lead to injuries. Consider stretching to keep your body loose. 

Clear up clutter: Falls can be extremely dangerous when you are carrying a heavy object. Decluttering your hallways prior to the move can minimize your risk of tripping over something and hurting yourself. 

A Safe Move From A To Z 

Safely transporting your belongings from your old place to your new home requires preparation. It begins with proper rest so that you are at your best come moving time. 

Prior to the move, you should organize your items in boxes, though keep in mind that multiple boxes are always better than a few large, unwieldy ones. You should also take this opportunity to clean up both places; your working environments should be free of clutter. 

On moving day, dress comfortably and do not overexert yourself. Use moving equipment like dollies if you can. Above all, do not try to lift something you are not sure you can handle. You can always have these items moved later by a professional moving service.  

Does moving sound too burdensome? We understand. Precision Movers have the experience and expertise to take over your next move in Calgary from end to end. Your peace of mind is assured with our relocation services. Call us today at 403-540-4393 or fill out the online contact form for a free quote. 


Q: Does Precision Movers disassemble and reassemble furniture?
A: Yes. Our team can disassemble your furniture and reassemble it once at your new place. 

Q: Can Precision Movers move heavy and unconventional objects like a safe or a piano?
A: Yes. Our team has the equipment and expertise to transport these objects without causing damage to the objects themselves or your home.

Q: Does Precision Movers do long-distance moves?
A: Precision Movers does long-distance moves, including moves to B.C.

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