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Simple Tips To Get Ready For a Short Term Move

Are you preparing for a short-term relocation? Here are some essential moving tips that can help you prepare for any situation.

Moving requires a lot of planning and preparation, and it can be especially challenging when you’re only gone for a short period of time.

There may be many reasons why you have a short-term move coming up, including:

  • temporary work relocation
  • familial problems
  • military assignment
  • university studies

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At Precision Movers, we understand the unique difficulties that come with short-term moving. Whether you need help packing, finding storage, or moving luxury items, we have the equipment and expertise to make the process as safe, quick, and seamless as possible.

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Simple and Effective Short-Term Moving Tips From our Calgary Movers

Whatever your reason for a short-term move, it can be an incredible chance to advance your career, enhance your skill-set, and foster new relationships, but it also comes with some new hurdles.

The following moving tips will help you plan your relocation so that you can eliminate any stress or worry that comes along with this incredibly exciting experience.

Leaving Your Current Space Behind

Do you have family or roommates that are currently sharing your home? If so, then you can leave the property under their care. However, if you’re the sole resident of your home, then the question is: what to do with the house or apartment when you move?

Keep it if…
  • your move is very short
  • finances aren’t a major issue
  • you’re the full owner of the property
  • you can cover your costs by renting out your space to other short-term travellers
Leave it if…
  • You’re planning on being away for many months
  • Your finances are thin
  • You’re renting
How to find a new tenant

Holding onto a house or apartment isn’t a viable option for everyone. If you’re planning a short-term move and need to find a new tenant for your space, there are some options you have, including:

  • using rental websites
  • posting listings in newspaper classifieds and on community boards
  • using social media
  • offering incentives (eg. a discount or a free TV)
  • word of mouth
Things to Remember

Whether you are keeping your old place or not, it’s important to tie up any loose ends that may be tethering you to the area. Streamline your recurring tasks such as the following:

Bills: switch to an online platform if possible and consider automatic payments.

Postal services: Postpone or forward mail delivery and cancel any unnecessary ones such as newspaper deliveries.

Health services: Before you move, make sure you’re up to date on any physical checkups, dental visits, and vaccinations.


Packing For a Short-Term Move

When moving, many people realize just how many things they’ve been holding onto, as well as the irrelevance of some of those items. No matter your destination, packing light is always the right way to go because:

  • it gives you greater flexibility in choosing where to go.
  • it makes it easier to relocate again, if necessary.
  • it considerably reduces the expenses you incur if you have to hire professional movers.

Tips To Declutter Before A Move


What to take with you

If you are preparing for an eventual permanent relocation, you may want to consider selling any large appliances or items - and remember, the money you make selling these items is money saved for long-distance transportation costs.


Anything left over that you can’t or don’t want to sell can be entrusted to friends and family, or moved into a storage facility. Remember to find a climate-controlled solution for antiques or other valuables.

Regardless of where you’re moving to, be sure to take the following items:

  • clothing (casual and business appropriate)
  • bedding
  • cell phone and other appliance chargers
  • laptop
  • toiletries and other cosmetics
  • driver’s license, passport, a copy of your birth certificate or any other important documentation
  • photographs or other small keepsakes of personal significance

If your new residence isn’t fully furnished, consider bringing other small and convenient items such as:

  • pots, pans, and other cooking utensils
  • towels, tablecloths and other linens
  • dishes and flatware
  • soaps and detergents

To save money on relocation costs, consider renting bigger pieces of furniture such as your bed-frame, dining table, and other living room furniture. This will enable you to create a home away from home and gives you the flexibility to do it on demand, without breaking the bank or wasting time.


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