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The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Hire Local Movers

Are you relocating somewhere within the same city or town soon? Our Calgary movers have the five best reasons why you should hire a local moving company to help you successfully relocate, as opposed to using a national chain or your friends and family.

If you need to relocate to a new place within the same city or town, you may be tempted to round up your friends and family to help you. Or perhaps you're considering using a national moving company because they advertise very low prices for their services. While there's nothing to say either of those options won't help you successfully relocate, our residential movers in Calgary have five reasons why a local moving company is really your best bet for such a move. Let's take a closer look at them.

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The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Hire Local Movers

Moving is an extremely exhaustive and stressful exercise. Especially if you have to move the contents of an entire house. While you may think you can save a bunch of money by renting a cube truck and getting your family and friends to help out, or by enlisting the services of a national moving chain, either option could leave a lot to be desired when the big day finally arrives. Here's why you should use a local moving company instead.

1. You don't have to lift anything heavy

We figured we would get this obvious and easy reason out of the way first. While a national moving chain won't make you do any heavy lifting either, your friends and family most certainly will. At least our friends and family would.

2. You don't have to coordinate with multiple people or someone in a different city

Moving is stressful enough as it is. If you get your friends and family to help you, you'll have multiple calendars to contend with, which will make coordinating the move a logistical nightmare. And if you decide to use a national moving chain, you might end up dealing with someone in an entirely different city when it comes to planning your move, which could lead to costly hiccups and communication issues, such as the move being scheduled in their time zone as opposed to yours.

3. You and your possessions will be covered

As nice as your friends and family are, we highly doubt they carry their own liability insurance for moving valuables and possessions. And if one of them happens to get injured during the move and they have to miss work as a result, will you be the one to pay their missed wages? A national chain should certainly have adequate insurance to protect you and your items, but you could run into issues dealing with a head office that is hundreds if not thousands of kilometres away if something of yours is lost or damaged.

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4. Your move will be as efficient as possible

A local moving company will have local scheduling coordinators who understand the traffic patterns of your city or town better than a person who is in a different city could. As a result, they won't schedule your move so it coincides with having to take Deerfoot during rush hour. While your friends and family should know the city or town quite well, getting them all to show up on time could be like herding cats. Putting them to work so things get done quickly is another matter all unto itself.

5. You may actually save money

Local moving companies are usually some of the least expensive movers out there. They have to compete with the big national chains and their prices usually reflect that. Hopefully your friends and family won't charge you anything for their help, but you'll still have to pay for the rental truck and all the moving supplies. Then there's all the time you'll have to spend coordinating the move with them and packing up your stuff. Local movers take care of those problems for you. Since time is money, and you can't ever get it back, hiring a local moving company can be the most cost-effective option sometimes. 

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