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The Move Is Done! Tips To UNPACK Efficiently.

The Move Is Done! Tips To UNPACK Efficiently.

Unpacking can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. As you enter your new home, you now have to make decisions about where everything will go, from the biggest bed to the smallest spoon, and it can be demanding. Remember that you don’t have to unpack all at once and can go at a pace you are comfortable with, but if you plan for professional movers to help you assemble some of your furniture, you will have to be a bit more structured and have an idea of where things will go.

If you were able to get a copy of the floorplan beforehand, that will help you organize the larger pieces of furniture. To help keep your house orderly as you go and so you don’t unpack yourself into a corner, try to unpack systematically.

What Order To Unpack

Unpack The Necessities First. Hopefully you thought ahead and packed a box or several that contain what you need to keep your household functioning. These boxes should either be the last onto the moving truck so they can be taken off first, or they should come with you in your car. The necessities within this box should be items like towels, toiletries, some food items, phone and computer chargers, medication, and other items that you need in your daily life. If you did not pack a box or boxes with your necessities, quickly try to look through your boxes to pull out what you might need.

The Kitchen Should Be The First Room Unpacked. Even if you don’t get everything unpacked right away, you need to eat. A set up kitchen means you don’t have to live off of take out until you’re fully moved in. If you don’t have time to completely upack the kitchen, do only the essentials and commonly used items such as the coffee machine. Plug in large appliances such as microwaves to help you determine your space and access to outlets so you can set up the rest of your kitchen around that.

Do The Bedrooms Next. Put the beds together so you can sleep comfortably in your new home the night you move in. Decide how you want to set up the room with the available furniture and assemble that first and install any shelving before you start to unpack. Once that is set up, move on to unpacking the rest of the room.

Unpack The Bathrooms. If you took out the necessities, then your bathroom should be set up enough to function; toiletries, towels, and toilet paper should all be ready. Because of this, the bathroom is already functional, so now you just have to unpack items such as hair products.

Assemble Any Other Furniture. This will be much easier now that your boxes are out of the way. Before you assemble your furniture, try to decide where you will put everything. Larger items such as book shelves or TV mounts should be assembled after their spot is chosen and important pieces, such as dining tables, should have priority as they might not fit in all areas.

Utility And Leisure Spaces Should Be The Last To Be Unpacked. Garages, laundry rooms, home offices, and other such spaces don’t need to be completed right away. Other leisure spaces such as the backyard should come last. These spaces may require some planning or shelving, so try to give yourself time to set them up in the most effective way possible.

Top Quality Packing And Moving Services In Calgary

An unpacking strategy can make your move in easy and simple and hiring professional movers can make the whole process painless. Hiring residential movers allows you to fully feel the excitement of moving without the stress of worrying about any potential damage to your belongings or the physical labour of moving. At Precision Movers, we want our residential movers to help simplify your life whether you’re moving 2 blocks here in Calgary or 2 provinces away. Our family owned and operated Calgary moving service has been helping families move for over 30 years. If you are interested in professional movers with experience, call us at 1-403-540-4393 or fill out the contact form with any questions you may have.


Q: What if I didn’t label my boxes? How can I make unpacking as simple as possible?
A: Hopefully you’ve packed similar items together or packed by room as that will make the process easier. If there are no labels, check inside and see if you can remember what’s in each box and label it after the fact so you don’t continuously go back to a box wondering what’s inside of it.

Q: What are the most environmentally friendly packing and moving supplies?
A: Make packing and moving eco friendly by using these materials:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Instead of bubble wrap use otherwise discarded newspaper
  • Purchase or rent reusable bins for packing
  • Donate and recycle as much as you can before and after your move

Q: Do professional moving services disassemble and reassemble furniture?
A: At Precision Movers, we are able to disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture for either residential or commercial moves upon request.

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