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Tips From Calgary Movers On Relocating Vintage and Antique Items

Items that bring character and charm to your home are now more popular than ever. Make sure they get moved correctly by a enlisting a Calgary moving service with the right expertise.

Is the prospect of hauling oversized, delicate, or antique furniture across the city putting a damper on your excitement about moving to a new home? Our Calgary movers offer expert tips on moving vintage and antique items.

When it comes to what makes a house a home, special decor and furnishings accumulated throughout a person’s life--or even throughout generations in a family--play a strong part. Whether the item is financially valuable or simply has a sentimental appeal doesn’t matter: if you value it, it should be moved with care. Here are four things you need to keep in mind if you are planning on moving and taking your favorite vintage or antique items with you.


Before You Start Packing, Ask Your Calgary Movers About Insurance

When it comes to irreplaceable or highly valued items, investing in insurance is key. Even if you select a Calgary moving service with a strong track record, it’s best to have measures in place to safeguard against the unexpected.

Tips From Our Calgary Moving Service: Protecting Your Belongings

  • When it comes to moving, item protection is usually charged by weight
  • A mover’s basic liability is $0.60 pound
  • Since the basic rate does not sufficiently cover household goods, most movers offer additional coverage
  • Have items appraised to ensure both you and your moving team have an idea of its value
  • Liability may also depend on whether you or the Calgary mover you hired packed the item, so when in doubt, trust the packing to the professionals!


Clean Items Carefully Before Entrusting Them To A Calgary Moving Service

Items with more history to them may also have delicate, unique, or hard-to match finishes. If your item is going to be put in storage long-term, it’s a good idea to give items a thorough cleaning to make sure that any small blemishes don’t develop into a larger problem.


Your Items May Require Special Packing Procedures

While it’s often tempting to DIY a task when it seems cost effective, packing up your antique or vintage belongings isn’t one of the areas where you should forgo hiring an expert. Items such as pianos, desks, wardrobes, and larger chairs can be difficult to move at the best of times. When the item is a one-of-a-kind vintage or antique piece, damage can be incredibly difficult to repair.

A professional Calgary relocation service has:

  • Extensive experience moving bulky items, and know the best way to eliminate risks of damage
  • The proper tools for the job, such as blankets, runners, foam, and moving straps

Purchasing the materials you need for one-time use won’t be cost effective, and you still won’t be able to take advantage of a professional Calgary Moving Service’s skills.


Will Your Calgary movers be taking the item to storage? Make sure the climate is appropriate.

Are you planning on having your Calgary movers bring some of your antiques to short term or long term storage?  If this is the case, it is a good idea to make sure that it will be properly climate-controlled.

Changes in moisture and temperature levels can cause items to warp, crack, or become more fragile.

According To Our Calgary Movers:

  • Art
  • Delicate fabric
  • Wooden furniture or musical instruments
  • Older photographs and film
  • Wicker items
  • Leather items (including items with leather upholstery)

Your Calgary movers may be able to recommend storage facilities in the area that can suit your needs.

Safe Moving


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