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Top 3 Tips for a Smooth Office Moving Day

Are you planning on moving offices soon? Want to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day? Read on to find out what the top three tips are for making sure your office moving day goes exactly as planned according to our Calgary commercial movers. 

Calgary office moving can be stressful. With so much going on, it can be easy to let things snowball out of control. That's why our Calgary safe movers have put together a list of the top three office moving tips, to make sure your office moving day is a smooth one. 

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1. Put One Person in Charge

Never is there a worse time for having too many cooks in the kitchen than your office moving day. By putting one person in charge, your employees and everyone else involved with the move will know who to look for for direction. You'll eliminate confusion amongst the movers and staff, and the person in charge can focus solely on coordinating and executing the task at hand. They can also be responsible for sending important updates to the leaders of different departments ahead of time, allowing all your teams to be as prepared as possible come moving day.


2. Make Sure Your Calgary Commercial Movers Have Insurance

There's nothing like peace of mind. And there's nothing worse than finding out too late that your Calgary commercial movers don't have adequate insurance. You're moving the physical assets you've worked so hard to build, be sure they and you are protected. You'll also want to make sure that your movers have proper WCB coverage. While they're required to by law, some smaller and fly-by-night movers don't. So if one of their workers gets hurt lugging your expensive copier up the stairs, you'll be on the hook for it. 



3. Have Adequate Employee-Specific Moving Materials

Moving workplaces can be extremely stressful on your employees. They've grown comfortable in the place they've set up shop for the last how many ever years, and now all of a sudden everything is changing. Make this transition as smooth as possible for them by providing them with their own moving boxes, ziploc bags, etc. One surefire way to upset your employees is to lose their work materials, whether they were bought by the company or themselves. Especially if they were bought by themselves. Have the person you've put in charge institute a company-wide naming convention so when it comes time to move into your new digs, there won't be any confusion about whose stuff is whose. 

Moving offices is supposed to be an exciting time. A fresh start. On to bigger and better things. By making sure you follow the above three tips, you'll help make the most stressful part of the entire process a smooth experience. Just don't forget to tell all your clients or customers where you've moved to!

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