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What Should I Disassemble When Moving?

What Should I Disassemble When Moving?

If this is your first time moving, you should know that some items should be disassembled before being transported or left for a professional moving company to handle. Items such as beds, desks, and tables can be either too large to go through doorways or too heavy to be moved in one piece.

To help you move to your new home with more efficiency, we at Precision Movers have compiled a list of items you should disassemble or leave to a moving company during the moving process. Remember, you do not have to do the moving by yourself. If you do not feel comfortable disassembling or lifting heavy objects; moving services like Precision Movers are ready to help you out. 

Precision Movers blends experience with affordability for all your residential and commercial moving needs in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Our moving experts specialize in packing, assembly and disassembly, relocation services, and special objects moving一think safes and pianos.

Items To Disassemble Before Moving 

The items listed below can be difficult or dangerous to move if not disassembled beforehand. If you are not particularly handy, do not hesitate to call a professional moving company to do the disassembly and the move for you. 

Items to consider disassembling include:

Bed frames: Bed frames are not the heaviest objects, but they can be quite cumbersome to transport in one piece. If you do not have a partner or friend to help you with your move, you will most likely have to deconstruct it and move it piece by piece. You will also have to disassemble it if it is too large to go through your doorways. 

Large desks and tables: For large desks and tables, you may have to remove the legs before they can go through your doorways.

Furniture with glass: The glass on these objects makes them fragile. As such, moving the furniture and the glass separately is usually a better idea. To prevent the glass from shattering or injuring you, consider wrapping it in moving blankets, paper, or bubble wrap. 

Bookcases, shelving units, and large drawers: Large items with drawers and shelves are relatively easy to disassemble and become much easier to handle when moved separately. 

Items To Leave To Your Professional Mover 

No matter how strong or resourceful you are, some items are best left to a professional moving company. These unconventional items are either so large or heavy that you probably do not have the tools or experience to transport them. 

Consider leaving these items to moving services:

Pianos: Heavy, unwieldy, fragile, and often very valuable are all words you can use to describe a piano. You will almost certainly need multiple people, moving straps, and a trolley to safely and efficiently transport a piano. 

Safes: A large safe is just as cumbersome as a fridge一except much heavier. How would you move it yourself? Professional moving services have the techniques and equipment to transport this item without damaging your walls and floor in the process. 

Antiques: Consider leaving these valuable and treasured heirlooms to a moving company. Moving professionals have the experience and proper materials to safely pack these valuables and get them to their destination. 

Artwork: Like antiques, artwork such as paintings and sculptures are both valuable and fragile. Leave them in the hands of your moving company for maximum peace of mind. 

Appliances: An honourable mention should be given to appliances. While these items are not necessarily the hardest to move, you will probably need a dolly to transport them. Not everybody has one or feels comfortable operating it. 

Moving The Smart Way 

To ensure a stress-free and smooth moving experience, identify in advance the items you will have to disassemble, as well as those you will need a moving company to transport. Heavy and unwieldy items should preferably be disassembled. If that is not possible, leave them to moving services. Letting a moving company manage your entire move can be worthwhile as well. 

Are you moving soon? Whether you want an expert or two to help you transport some heavy items or expedite the process or to delegate your move altogether, Calgary’s Precision Movers can help. With more than 30 years of experience in this trade, Precision Movers has what it takes to guarantee a seamless move. Call us at 403-540-4393 or fill out the online contact form for a free quote for our moving services within Calgary and our relocation services anywhere. 


Q: Can Precision Movers disassemble and reassemble furniture and other items?
A: Yes. Our team can disassemble your belongings and reassemble it once at your new place. 

Q: Can Precision Movers help me pack and unpack?
A: Yes. Our team brings packing equipment with them so they can safely help you transport even the most fragile of objects.

Q: Does Precision Movers do long-distance moves?
A: Precision Movers does long-distance moves, including moves to B.C.

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