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Why You Should Never Move a Piano Yourself

Worried about moving your piano to a new home? Here’s why hiring a professional piano mover is ALWAYS the right choice. 

Whether your residential move is just across town or to another state, moving a piano is no easy feat. Piano moving is a daunting job that requires planning, preparation and a great deal of effort, especially because they are very heavy, bulky and fragile.

Whether you’re moving offices or to a new home, hiring professional movers is always the best choice because they:

  • Can ensure your belongings are insured and moved safely
  • Understand the routes and neighborhood so your property can be safely dispatched and transported
  • Have the right equipment & skills to do the job safely and correctly
  • Can save you time and money
  • Lower your risk of injury

At Precision Movers, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential moving services to help streamline your moving process. Our professional piano movers will take the utmost care when transporting your instrument, eliminating many of the challenges you might face otherwise.


Why You Should ALWAYS Hire Professional Piano Movers

For most pieces of furniture, a few friends or family members can be all the help you need to get the job done. Of course, your piano is not most furniture. It is heavy and expensive and moving it can be an extremely challenging task.

Here are four reasons you should ALWAYS hire professional piano movers if you have an instrument that needs transporting:

1. They protect you from injury

Depending on the style of piano you have, you could easily be moving over a thousand pounds. This is an incredible amount of weight and, without the proper equipment to secure your back and protect your other body parts, you could seriously injure yourself.

So while you may think that you are saving money by moving the piano yourself, the price of getting checked by a doctor following an injury, as well as any follow-up procedures, may far exceed the cost of using movers in the first place.


2. They’ll protect your piano

Despite their size, pianos are very delicate. If piano moving is done incorrectly, you could easily:

  • Scratch the exterior of the instrument
  • Break a leg or a pedal
  • Ruin a stringer or a hammer

Any damage could easily affect the sound of the piano, which can lead to costly repairs. Professional movers understand these issues and they know how to move the instrument without causing any damage to the piano’s mechanics.

3. Prevent damage to the floors, railings & walls of your house

Pianos are generally bulky and odd-shaped, which can make them extremely difficult to move through doorways and up/down stairwells. If you are not careful, you may end up scratching the paint on the walls, damaging doors or creating holes in your walls.

It is best to hire a professional residential moving service because they have the skills, tools and know-how to prevent such accidents and save you unnecessary moving expenses.


4. Save you time and money

You may think you are saving yourself time and money if you move a piano yourself but, with their experience and specialized equipment, professional piano movers can complete the job in just a fraction of the time it would take you to do it.

Moving an instrument requires special boards and dollies and professional movers know how to quickly take the instrument apart, transport and reassemble it, which you may find time-consuming and difficult.


Finding the Right Piano Mover

Whether you are just relocating a piano or looking for professional comprehensive residential moving service, you should never rush into finding a mover. Take your time to do any research and be sure to ask prospective piano movers about:

  • Their insurance coverage
  • If they provide door-to-door service
  • Where the piano will be placed during the move
  • The equipment that they use when moving the piano
  • How long they have been moving pianos
  • Any references
  • The training and qualifications of their movers
  • Their availability

While you won’t be able to eliminate every moving hazard, by educating yourself on how a piano should be transported, you are less likely to experience problems. However, at the end of the day, you’ll have to trust your mover, which is why it’s crucial to find a reliable moving company.


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