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Calgary Moving Services - Calgary Residential Moving - 6 Survival Tips For Moving Your Elderly Loved One

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The emotion of being happy should come to mind when you think about your childhood home and along with those wonderful memories comes an emotional attachment to the building so when it comes to the relocation of an elderly loved one it’s important to consider the difficulty they may have coping with a residential change.

In this article you’re going to learn how to help your elderly loved one find peace with the moving process by considering these 6 tips:

  • Communicate
  • Get family members involved
  • Consider their relocation preferences
  • Keep personal belongings safe
  • Sort and organize
  • Consider hiring professional movers

Communication Is Key

Remain empathetic to your elderly loved ones needs and concerns. Moving your elderly loved one out of a place they have called home for years should not be considered a simple task.  Detaching them from their familiar surroundings may cause grief and apprehension so take the time to explain to your loved one why the relocation is necessary and why they are moving. Before making any decisions, be sure to have this conversation to create a smoother transition for you and them.

A Family Affair

Get your family involved! Your elderly loved one will love the closeness that the moving process is providing and it will ease their sadness and apprehension creating a more joyous energy associated to the move. Have everyone pitch in to help with the residential move and in the long run, this will make the moving process physically easier as well.

Talk About Preferences

Take their preferences into serious consideration. Their furniture and personal belongings have most likely remained in a certain spot for a while. They may want their antique china set handled with extra care or the family piano to be placed in a certain room. Listen to their needs so that frustration can be avoided on the moving day. Big items such as piano or luxury furniture should be handled by professional movers who understand the extra care that should be provided to move those items. Enlist the help of a reputable business like Precision Mover’s who specializes in

  • Local & Western Province Relocations
  • Residential & Commercial Moving
  • Professional & Expert Packing Techniques
  • Furniture Assembly & Disassembly On Local & Long Distance Moves
  • Trained Safe Piano Moving
  • Luxury Furniture Moving
  • On-Time Pick Up & Delivery Schedules

Keep Personal Belongings Safe

Your elderly loved one may nag you about this on their own but be sure to keep their prized personal belongings as safe as possible! You want to safely transfer their belongings from their old home to their next destination unscathed.



To take a copious amount of your loved ones belongings would be unnecessary. Use the opportunity to sort through their belongings. Sort in these three categories: Keep, trash and donate.

You and your family can use this as a great opportunity to come together, reminisce on old memories and at the same time, downsize so you minimize the number of items you will need to haul around on moving day.


There is no doubt that moving day will provide an immense level of stress so the best way to ensure a successful and smooth transition from your elderly loved ones is to simply spend the relocation day with them. If you decide to hire moving services in Calgary, pick a business that is going to ensure your moving experience is as worry free as possible.


For more information on how our Calgary moving service can help make your relocation simple and easy, call our office at 403.540.4393

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