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15 Tips For an Easy and Stress-Free Company Move

Are you planning a big commercial move? Maintain your productivity and avoid customer disappointment with these tips from our Calgary relocation company.

Whatever your reasons for relocating your company, office moves can be an exciting and awesome new change for your business’ future. However, there are certain things that managers and business owners often worry about, including:

  • How a relocation will affect their customer relationships
  • Employee productivity
  • The planning and logistics of moving

The best thing to do? Hire a professional relocation company! A moving service has the experience, expertise, and equipment to help you carry out the most cost-effective move and will allow you and your staff to:

  • Stay productive right up until moving day
  • Get to work in your new location straight away
  • Have total peace of mind during the entire process

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12 Tips For a Smooth and Efficient Company Relocation

Carefully planning for a commercial move can make all the difference between a hectic relocation with costly downtime and a smooth transition with little to no loss of productivity.

If you are planning a company relocation, then make sure to consider the following tips on how you can help make the move quick, safe, and on-budget:

  1. Plan your move as early as possible. Make sure to plan any business relocations at least 6 months in advance.
  2. Ask your relocation company about moving insurance. Office buildings require it so ensure that any moving service you use sends you a copy beforehand.
  3. Consider the time of day you will move. Most likely, your move will need to be done outside of normal working hours, so typically the best time for an office relocation is over the weekend.
  4. Check with your new building about any other requirements such as the amount of time you can park in the loading dock, any elevator reservations, or whether the floors need to be protected while you move.
  5. Discuss the relocation with your employees to keep them informed and get them as involved in the process as possible.
  6. Determine which printed materials will require a change of address such as business cards, envelopes, or any other stationery.
  7. Create a rough sketch of the floor plan for your relocation company so that they will know where to place the furniture in your new office space.
  8. Talk to your moving company about any assistance they can give with packing, as this will free up more time for you and your employees and provide some much needed peace of mind.
  9. Make sure each head of department takes an inventory of all items to be moved in their department so you have a record of what you’re taking with you.
  10. Give your employees time before the relocation to pack up their desk items and any other personal materials that they will need to bring with them.
  11. Always move your IT equipment first so that it can be unloaded and the IT team can immediately get to work setting up any networks and phones.
  12. Always have 2-3 managers present during the relocation, both at the original office and your new destination. BUT REMEMBER: don’t have too many otherwise this may slow down your movers.

Tips For Any Office Move

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