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5 Tips for a Smoother Office Move

Are you relocating your business? Here are five commercial moving tips from our professional Calgary movers that you MUST follow to make the transition as efficient and quick as possible. 

Whether you are relocating from a home office to a new workspace or moving from one commercial building to another, changing locations can be a stressful experience. Failing to plan ahead can:

  • Lower employee productivity
  • Negatively affect your business’ relationship with your clients
  • Lead to higher relocation costs
  • Create confusion, leading to delays and broken items

Remember, businesses make money when the company is up and running, which means you want to make sure that your commercial move is as organized and efficient as possible.

Why work with Precision Movers

A leading Calgary moving service, Precision Movers offers comprehensive and affordable residential and commercial moving services. Our professional team will ensure that you are set up in your new location immediately, helping you stay productive right up to and straight after moving day.


5 Commercial Moving Tips For A Smooth & Easy Relocation

Moving a business, no matter the size, is not an easy task and with it comes the potential for unwanted disruptions and loss of customers. However, following these simple and easily commercial moving tips can help ease the transition:

1. Plan ahead

If you are moving offices, NEVER wait until the last minute. Creating a comprehensive timeline is a great way to avoid any moving-day chaos. It’s important to work with staff members to:

  • Plan out a timeline
  • Research commercial moving companies
  • Organize the office
  • Develop a strategy to keep business flowing throughout the moving process
  • Allocate resources accordingly

Also remember to consider WHEN to move. It’s crucial you avoid relocating at a time when any big projects are coming to a close or your client activity is highest.


2. Hire movers early

To ensure that the transition from one office space to another goes off without a hitch, it’s important to hire professional movers and/or a cleaning service as early as possible.

This has many benefits including:

  • It allows you to do extensive research on different moving services in your area
  • It gives your movers ample time to plan the relocation, ensuring it goes smoothly on the day
  • It means that the best professional movers are available for your moving date

Making sure to book movers early on will mean that you don’t have to settle for a moving service you aren’t comfortable with and that there will be plenty of time to plan your relocation, ensuring the whole process happens smoothly.


3. Get rid of unwanted items

If you have been at your current place of business for an extended length of time, it’s likely that you and your staff have accumulated a lot of items. Prior to moving, take a few days to purge our office of anything old and obsolete.

Make sure you:

  • Shred up irrevelant files
  • Empty out old drawers
  • Donate any old equipment and furniture including copiers and computers

Spending the time to clean out your old office will make the commercial moving process much more efficient and will also save you money on transportation costs.


4. Update your information

When you are relocating your business, you have to go through the process of changing your address on all documents including:

  • Business cards
  • Stationary
  • Website
  • Any social media pages

Additionally, if your company is on any local listing sites such as Yelp or Foursquare, have an employee update your new phone number and address. This will help your customers find you more easily, lowering the risk of you losing any business during this transition period.

5. Pick the right commercial moving service

If you are not moving yourself, you want to make sure that you have hired a moving service you can trust. Hiring the right movers are essential for a stress-free relocation and will:

  • Ensure the proper handling of sensitive materials & expensive equipment
  • Reduce your overall moving time and costs
  • Eliminate any stresses associated with last minute packing, planning and moving
  • Allow you to move your business without missing anything such as overlooked cables or smaller items
  • Protect you and your employees from the risk of injury that comes with DIY commercial moving

At Precision Movers, our experienced team can help you tackle all the major parts of your physical move so that you can focus on keeping your business operational and thriving throughout your transition.

Want to know how our Calgary moving service can help you save time & money?


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